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Washing Machine Maintainence

1. Wipe down the drum, door and gasket.

After each wash, open the door and let the water remaining in the drum dry. Wipe the rubber seal dry and remove any detergent residue and dirt. Leave the door ajar after a load.

2. Cleaning the outer surface of the washer

To clean the cabinet and control panel, use a damp cloth and wipe dry. Note: Abrasive cleaning powders, alkali cleansers, chemical clothes, thinners, alcohol, acid petroleum products and hot water should not be used as they may damage the painted cover and plastics.

3. Cleaning the inlet filter and the detergent dispenser drawer

  1. 1) Gently pull out the drawer and unclip. The clip is at the back of the middle (rinse additive) compartment.

  2. 2) Using a damp cloth, wipe each compartment.

  3. 3) Replace the drawer after drying.

Washing machine maintainence

4. Cleaning the inlet filter

  1. 1) Ensure the main tap is turned to the OFF position.

  2. 2) Unscrew the inlet hose from the tap and washer.

  3. 3) Remove and clean the filter.

  4. 4) Replace the filter and inlet hose onto the tap and rear of washer.

5. Cleaning the drain pump lint filter

According to the soil level within the cycles and frequency of the cycles, you have to inspect and clean the filter regularly.

The pump should be inspected if the machine does not empty and/or spin.

The machine makes an unusual noise during draining due to objects such as safety pins, coins etc. blocking the pump.

  1. 1) Prepare a dish or bucket to catch any excess water remaining in the drain pump. Place under the drain pump before continuing.

  2. 2) Open the service panel and unscrew the drain pump cover. Drain any water into the dish or bucket. Mop up any spillage with a rag.

  3. 3) Remove any debris and obstructions from the drain pump filter.

  4. 4) Replace and tighten the drain pump cover before closing the service panel.

Washing machine maintainence

Washing machines should be washed themselves on a regular basis. This can help stop foul smells or even mold and mildew. There are many simple things that you can do to help reduce the wear and tear of your washer. After all, it is a major investment — you want to keep it in good condition, so it lasts for years to come. If it is noticed that odors appear or clothes are not cleaned enough, it may be time to give your washer a little TLC. Regular maintenance and cleaning will extend the service life of the clothes washer.

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