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The Effect of a Few Seconds of Pause in the Washing Machine when Washing Clothes

Everyone knows that the front-loading washing machine will repeatedly rotate clockwise and counterclockwise when washing clothes, so why is there a pause for a few seconds in the middle of the rotation? Of course, the process from clockwise to counterclockwise or vice versa requires a pause time to adjust. After a rough timing, the pause in the middle is "up to" 5-6 seconds or even longer. What is the working principle of this pause in the drum mini washing machine? Why stop for so long? Wouldn't it save time if you could only stop for 2-3 seconds? The effect of a few seconds of pause in the middle of the washing machine is as follows:

(1) The drum washing machine engages in mechanical beating and washing, and the inner drum of the drum mini washing machine is rotated to bring the clothes up and then fall down under the action of gravity to achieve the beating and achieve the purpose of laundry. In this way, the speed control in the program control is a very critical issue. If the speed is high, the clothes will not fall off.

(2) The main purpose is to protect the motor, so that the back electromotive force of the motor is not too strong. In particular, the belt-driven pulley has to consider the bearing capacity of the belt. Most of them use the belt drive mode. Due to the characteristics of the belt drive, the belt has its own expansion and contraction allowance. If reversed quickly, belt life will be reduced. At the same time, the connection between the belt and the motor shaft is caused to slip, which will cause unnecessary vibration and noise in the long run. The frequency conversion motor will be better, which is reflected in the shorter pause time. This is also the advantage of frequency conversion.

(3) The circuit control and motor torque are insufficient to achieve rapid reversal.

(4) Functional requirements, some models of the drum mini washing machine need to reduce the washing force, protect the clothes, and reduce entanglement.

(5) At present, everyone's understanding of soaking is usually before washing. The latest research shows that soaking can slightly improve cleanliness if it occurs during washing. Soaking does not require energy consumption, so it is more inclined to wash, soak, wash, and soak again. Instead of the previous soaking and washing mode.

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