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Tips for Saving Water and Electricity of Washer Dryer

In many families, the frequency of laundry becomes high, but there are many misunderstandings in daily laundry which are often ignored. Especially in summer, as temperatures rise, frequent laundry can use up a lot of water. Here are some tips you can use to save water in your small washer dryer.

Ⅰ. Tips for saving water and electricity of washer dryer

(1) Soak the clothes for 10 minutes before washing

Before washing, soak the clothes with detergent for more than 10 minutes, so that the detergent molecules will better penetrate into the stubborn stains. And then use the washer dryer for rapid washing, which can not only achieve the effect of saving water and electricity, but also save the waiting time.

(2) Choose low foam detergent

It is best to choose laundry detergent to wash clothes, because high-tech liquid formula of laundry detergent is of low alkaline, mild performance, low foam and being easy to rinse. Reduce rinsing times can save water and electricity. Washing the same garment with detergent takes eight rinses to get it completely clean, but with laundry detergent, the efficiency is greatly improved.

(3) Wash clothes seperately based on colors

Washing clothes from shallow to deep can not only reduce the trouble of fading and dyeing, but also save water resources. After all, clothes are not very dirty in summer, so it saves more water than throwing all the clothes into the washer dryer.

(4) Water reuse

When the clothes are finally shaken dry, if there are still clothes to be washed, the water can be collected in a large container, because the water is clean at this time, so it can continue to be used for washing clothes.

Ⅱ. Notes for using washer dryer

"Strong wash" saves electricity than "weak wash". In the same washing time, "weak wash" changes the rotation of the motor more times, and the instantaneous current in the start of the motor is about 6 times of the normal working rated current, so the motor changes the rotation direction more times, the large instantaneous current will cause the loss of electric energy and waste electric energy. So in summer single clothes choose "strong wash", not only can effectively save electric energy, can protect the ssmall washer dryer motor and prolong the service life.

Dehydration time should not be long. When the washer dryer dehydrates, the rotation speed of the tumble is about 1600 RPM, and the dehydration rate can reach 55%, which can be dehydrated for 3 minutes generally. Over time, dehydration doesn't make much of a difference. And dehydration at high speed for a long time will waste electricity.

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