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Precautions for Using Washer Dryer

People who often use washer dryer know that before washing clothes, check each pocket of the clothes to avoid metal objects such as coins and keys falling into them because when the washer dryer is running at high speed, these hard objects can easily get stuck in the gaps of the washing machine, posing a certain danger. So in addition to checking whether there are coins and other items in the clothes, what other issues need to be paid attention to? How can we ensure the normal operation of the washing machine and the safety of the operator? Today, we will introduce the top ten tips for using the washing machine, and we hope they will help you.

(1) When you use a three-head grounding socket, you should ensure the reliability of the grounding line.

(2) Do not put a washer dryer in the bathroom or other high-humidity environments, because high temperature and humidity environments are easy to cause line aging, resulting in short circuit and leakage danger.

(3) The amount of laundry at one time shall not exceed the rated washing capacity, and the water level shall not be lower than the off-line symbol, so as to avoid the motor overheating due to overloaded operation, resulting in the aging of the insulator.

(4) Wash the clothes that are easy to fade separately to avoid dyeing the rest of the clothes and causing the waste of repeated washing.

(5) Wave-wheel washer dryer should not touch the tumble of dehydration operation, to avoid the danger of winding arms. And tumble washer does not touch fluoroscopic window, lest high temperature cause burn.

(6) Do not pile up heavy objects and sundries on the top cover of wave-wheel washer dryer.

(7) Before washing, check the clothes first, and take out coins, keys and other metal objects in the pockets of clothes to be washed to prevent metal objects from falling into the tumble and damaging the washer dryer.

(8) When laundry is not in use, turn off the faucet to avoid water pipe bursting caused by excessive water pressure. At the same time, please dry the washer dryer thoroughly and close the door to prevent bacteria from growing in the inner tube.

(9) Every once in a while, clean the filter with clean water to remove the residual foreign bodies.

(10) Do not use organic detergent to clean the washer dryer to avoid the oxidation of washing machine white.

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