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How to Choose an Integrated washer and Dryer?

With more and more types of integrated washer dryers, everyone will encounter various problems when choosing a integrated washer dryer. So, how to choose a integrated washer dryer that is right for you? Here are a few features you need to know when buying.

Ⅰ. Drying capacity of integrated washer dryer

Compared with the dryer, the drying capacity of the integrated washer dryer is much smaller, so when choosing the integrated washer dryer, the first thing to look at is its drying capacity. The capacity of a normal integrated washer dryer is half of the maximum washing capacity, that is, an 8KG integrated washer dryer, and the drying capacity is at most 4KG. Due to the limitation of drying capacity on clothes, we have to choose the corresponding capacity according to our own needs.

Ⅱ. The integrated washer dryer drying method

Different drying methods have different effects. Common drying methods mainly include hot air drying and air condensation drying. In addition, steam drying is also derived from the condensation drying method.

(1) Hot air drying

Principle: The heater inside the washing machine generates hot air, heats the washed and dehydrated clothes, and turns the moisture in the clothes into water vapor. Purpose. When drying clothes, water is needed, usually 1-2 hours to complete the drying. The popularity is high and the price is relatively cheap. The only downside is that usually the laundry cannot reach 100% drying level.

(2) Air condensation drying

Principle: The effect of drying clothes is finally achieved by creating dry hot air to absorb the moisture on the clothes, and then discharging the moisture through the condensation process. It should be noted that the entry-level integrated washer dryer may not have the condensation function, and the water vapor evaporated from the clothes is directly discharged into the surrounding environment, generating a large amount of hot steam indoors. Features: No water is needed to dry clothes, and it can be completely dried in about 1 hour. The inner cylinder rotates the clothes, which is evenly heated, does not damage the clothes, and is relatively water-saving. The price is relatively expensive.

(3) Steam drying

Principle: Steam drying does not use hot air to dry clothes, but heats the clothes in the drum to 100°C, thereby producing hot and humid water vapor. After the water vapor overflows the drum, it is collected and compressed. Under the action of pressure, the water vapor liquefies and releases heat. At this time, the generated heat is sent back to the drum to achieve the purpose of heat recycling and drying. Thanks to the water vapor heat cycle, its efficiency can be up to twice that of conventional dryers. The hot steam can smooth out the wrinkled parts of the clothes, making the clothes fluffy and soft after drying. The only downside is that the drying effect of heavy clothes is not good.

In addition to the above, there are actually heat pump type integrated washer dryers, but relatively speaking, due to the high cost and limited market acceptance, if you choose a heat pump type, it is better to choose an independent heat pump dryer. Finally, let's talk about the drying effect that everyone is most concerned about. The combination of the early "washing machine + dryer" is better than the integrated integrated washer dryer in effect. The drying capacity of the integrated integrated washer dryer of the same capacity is generally smaller than the laundry capacity.

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