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A Good Appearance is Important for Washing Machine

Everyone is interested in the appearance of a top washer when shopping for one. Although the majority of washing machines on the market have similar looks, some have very stylized designs. When it comes to appearance, everyone is often swayed by the beauty of the washing machine. When selecting, appearance, size, height, craft, and whether the washing machine can be integrated into the home environment are all factors to consider.

Ⅰ. Washing machine buying guide: choose luxurious, ultra-thin types

You can choose the volume of the washing machine based on your personal preferences and the specific environment of your home. Washing machines are classified as ultra-thin or luxurious. Luxurious washing machine with an elegant appearance and style; ultra-thin washing machine with a small and exquisite appearance that takes up less space, is convenient and flexible, and complements the elegant home environment. As for good-looking washing machines, you should also consider the practicality. Although it occupies a small area, the capacity cannot be small. Only enough space can ensure that the beating is stronger, the washing is cleaner, and the family's clothes can be washed all at once.

Ⅱ. Washing machine buying guide: choose that with the right appearance and color


The top washer at home reflects your taste in life, so the appearance should be simple and bright, and the color should match the furniture. In addition, the outer shell is also a link that cannot be overlooked when buying a washing machine. At present, the most advanced is the outer cylinder of high-strength material. Choosing this one-time forming, butt-free outer cylinder without solder joints can ensure that it will not be deformed for many years and never rust. At the same time, since the thickness is doubled, the heat preservation effect is better, and the power consumption is saved at the same time. At the time of purchase, you can confirm this by checking the housing for solder joints.

Furthermore, a perfect freestanding washing machine should be the same. When shopping in a mall, you can ask the promoter to open the top cover to look at the manufacturing process. The method is straightforward. Just drop two small screws and look at the internal balance weight, cable, parts and assembly.

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