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Installation Notes on the Washing Machine

No matter what kind of household appliance you have, one thing is essential - the product manual. Without it, you may not even be able to turn on the product! Its function is to guide consumers in the most scientific way to quickly use the product and teach consumers some simple troubleshooting methods. For white washing machine products, it is also necessary to first look at the instruction manual during installation because it contains the most comprehensive installation process. Today, taking the washing machine manual as an example, we will introduce the entire process from installation to first use of the washing machine for everyone.

The easiest way to fluff and soften clothes with white washing machines

The white washing machine adds a softener during washing to soften the clothes. This method is effective and suitable for most clothes. Another method is to wash clothes with warm water, which can effectively soften the clothes fiber, protect the clothes, and make the clothes softer and fluffier after washing. Adding a small amount of bleach or fragrance before washing can not only make the clothes clean but also emit a pleasant scent. Many people like to wash clothes together, which can cause the clothes to breed bacteria and emit a musty odor, having a bad effect on the clothes' smell. After using the washing machine, you can use a cloth to wipe the internal parts neatly and leave the machine door slightly open. This can effectively prevent the washing machine from producing odor and is very helpful for washing clothes.

The whole process from installing the white washing machine to the first use

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