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Washing Machine with the Lowest Carbon in "standard" Mode

With the arrival of summer, the frequency of laundry has become more frequent. The same is to use a large-load washer to wash clothes, but washing clothes in different ways can save electricity and time. For a washing machine with complex functions, how to wash clothes more water-saving? In this regard, energy-saving experts recommend that ordinary clothes choose the "standard" mode with the lowest carbon.

1. The large-load washer should set the washing time according to the type of clothes and the degree of dirt

Generally speaking, synthetic fiber and wool silk fabrics are washed for 3 to 4 minutes, cotton and linen fabrics are washed for 6 to 8 minutes, and dirty clothes are washed for 10 to 12 minutes. . Experts suggest that if it is the same long washing cycle, the "softening" mode has more impeller rotation times than the "standard" mode, and the motor of a large-load washer will increase repeated starts, and the starting current of the motor is 5-7 times the rated current, so choose "Standard wash" saves more electricity. According to reports, the washing machines on the market today even introduce a 15-minute "standard" to achieve the fastest and most economical laundry.

There are also tips to save water and electricity in the last step of washing clothes. Energy-saving experts suggest that dehydration can be done within 2 minutes after washing. According to calculations, if the clothes are dehydrated at a speed of 1680 rpm for one minute, the dehydration rate can reach 55%. The dehydration rate that can be improved by extending the time is very low. In addition, it should be noted that the most economical and effective way is to use warm water instead of hot water for laundry; after washing the clothes, hang them on the clothesline to dry naturally, and do not put them in the dryer. In this way, a total of 90% CO2 emissions can be reduced.

2. Five elements that must be paid attention to when choosing a washing machine

(1) Extended function: Whether it can give more delicate washing care to high-grade fabrics is one of the most important extended functions for choosing a washing machine at present. Pay attention to the washing program selection keys on the washing machine panel to see if there is a separate "hand wash" function key. This bionic principle can minimize wear and tear.

(2) Cleaning degree: 100% clean water rinsing. Major brands on the market have adopted a technology similar to the "vitality magic ball", which can effectively prevent clean water from mixing with dirty water from the previous rinsing, and truly achieve 100% clean water rinsing.

(3) Mute effect: The key component driving the operation of the washing machine is the motor. A high-quality motor must run stably and with low noise.

(4) Whether the operation is simple: one-button operation (all washing procedures, spin speed, heating water temperature, and rinsing times are controlled by intelligent one-button operation), 180-degree wide-angle door opening, light touch electronic buttons, and ultra-thin body.

(5) Future performance: Considering that you may become a big family from a small family, a large-capacity front washer is more suitable for you. The consumption trend of all-in-one washing and drying machines is gradually becoming the mainstream in the world.

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