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The Working Principle of Various Types of Washer Dryer

Ⅰ. Pulsator washer dryer

1. Twin-dub washing machine

The first was twin washing machines, with one tank used for washing and the other for spin-drying. Having advantages of simple structure, water-saving, electricity-saving, lightweight, easy operation, high washing rate, low noise, easy to move, its single washing time is less than 30 minutes (about 10 minutes). Nonetheless, it is large and does not save time.

2. Washer dryer with a pulsator that is fully automatic

The fully automatic pulsator washer dryer is worry-free and convenient to use. The price is reasonable; the salesperson may claim that it can also be converted to semi-automatic operation, but this isn't easy. It is preferable to use a two-cylinder engine, which can be stopped at any time, but there is one advantage. The spin-drying capacity is high, while the volume is low.

3. Cleaning free pulsator washer dryer

When the washer dryer is in use, the precipitation of sewage for many years will cause many stains in the inner tube of the washer dryer. The washer dryer has been in a damp state for a long time. If it is not cleaned regularly, it is easy to breed a variety of bacteria. When the washer dryer is frequently used, it is necessary to use chemical agents to clean it, which avoids secondary pollution of the chemical agent and is beneficial to the health of clothes and the human body.

Cleaning free completely adopts the physical "smart bathing" method: the smart ball is ejected from the recovery compartment when washing clothes. With the movement of the washer dryer's inner barrel, there is no dead angle to bounce the inner and outer barrel walls. The stains are bounced away; when the water level drops, the smart ball returns to the recovery compartment, ready to be used again.

The cleaning "smart ball" is made of antibacterial polymer rubber, which will not become contaminated during washing. The cleaning-free working process is entirely physical, resulting in no damage to the washer dryer or clothes. Furthermore, the intelligent ball has a service life of up to 14 years, and users save time and money by not having to wash the washer dryer.

Ⅱ. Drum washer dryer

The drum washer dryer originated in Europe. The washing method is designed to imitate the principle of hitting the clothes with the mallet. The mechanical work of the motor is used to rotate the drum. The clothes are continuously lifted and dropped in the drum, and then lifted and dropped again, doing repeated exercises, plus washing. The combined action of powder and water makes laundry clean. The pulsator washer dryer needs water to float the clothes and then stirs and constantly rubs to achieve the purpose of cleaning.

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