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What Intelligent Protection Features Does the Tumble Washer Has?

Nowadays, washing machines have entered the era of full automation, with a high level of intelligence control and protection. Many consumers complain that their washing machines sometimes fail to start or operate, but some problems are caused by the intelligent protection system of the washing machine rather than hardware issues. What intelligent protection systems do the tumble washers has? Today, we will discuss them one by one.

Overfill Protection of tumble washer

The automatic washing machine generally takes about 15 minutes to fill water. If the water filling time exceeds for some reason and the preset water level is not reached, the microcomputer will issue an instruction to cut off the power to the water inlet valve coil and stop the water filling. At this time, check whether the water pressure is too low, and whether the water inlet pipe is blocked. After troubleshooting, turn on the machine again.

Drainage Timeout Protection of tumble washer

The drainage time of the automatic tumble washer is usually between 4 and 6 minutes. If the water level cannot be lowered to a certain level within this time, the microcomputer will issue an instruction to stop draining and notify that the drainage has timed out to avoid that the drain motor or the electromagnetic coil of the drain motor is powered on for a long time and burned out. At this time, check whether the drainage pipe is blocked and whether the drainage pipe is placed too high.

Unbalance Protection of tumble washer

During dehydration, if the clothes in the drum are placed unevenly, the strong centrifugal force will cause vibrations, noise, or even collision and damage. The microcomputer will issue instructions to correct it 1 to 3 times. If the correction is ineffective, the microcomputer will stop the machine for real-time protection and display specific symbols on the operation panel. At this time, open the door and manually place the clothes flat and even.

Safety Cover Protection of tumble washer

To prevent injury caused by inserting hands into the washing machine during dehydration, the machine cover must be closed. If the operator forgets to close the cover, the washing machine will stop running and sound an alarm. Just close the cover to resume the operation.

Overheat Protection of tumble washer Motor

The main motor of the automatic washing machine is equipped with an automatic reset thermal protector, which usually sets a power-off temperature of 125 degrees and a reset temperature of 90 degrees. If the motor temperature is too high for some reason, the protector will cut off the power to stop the motor from running. At this time, identify the cause of motor overheat before turning on the machine again.

Automatic Power-off Protection of tumble washer Shutdown

After the automatic tumble washer finishes washing, the buzzer will beep to remind the operator to cut off the power. If the operator forgets to disconnect the power, the washing machine will automatically cut off the power supply after about 5 minutes to avoid accidents.

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