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How Big is the Capacity of the Tumble Washer?

The washing machine brings convenience to our days and saves us a lot of time and energy in housework. Nowadays, there are various styles of washing machines, bringing us a lot of choices. Many people will choose a tumble washer when choosing a washing machine, because the tumble washer will have better results when it is in use. So what should we pay attention to when we buy it? How to choose the size of the tumble washer?

1. The capacity of the tumble washer is 2.1-4.5kg

Generally speaking, washing machines are sized according to the size of the capacity. For example, 2.1-4.5kg is a relatively small washing machine, which is more suitable for personal use or daily dehydration. This kind of small-capacity washing machine is not very large in size, generally around 600*550*600mm. When choosing, you can first consider basic considerations and choose based on actual needs.

2. The capacity of the tumble washer is 5.6-7kg

There are many classifications of front-load washing machines, and they are also different in size. For example, 5.6-7kg is a mid-range design, which can operate well and is an ideal choice for many users. This kind of mid-range washing machine is also good in size, generally about 840*595*600mm. It is also a good representative to use.

3. The capacity of the tumble washer is 4.6-5.5kg

The 4.6-5.5kg tumble washer also has a very good guarantee of use. As a representative of a relatively medium-sized washing machine, it is still very good in use, and it has won the needs of daily home users. The size of the tumble washer of about 4.6-5.5kg is about 596*600*900mm, and the whole is also an ideal match.

4. The capacity of the tumble washer is 6.5kg

Judging from the choices of many front-loading washing machines, the 6.5kg washing machine is also a commonly used representative, and it is a more classic choice in today's home life. The overall design of the washing machine also pays more attention to functionalization, so that the washing machine can have a good and stable operation, and it has become a good help for today's users at home, which can easily solve the burden of life and have a better home enjoyment.

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