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Have You Found the Five Corners Where the Washing Machine Hides Dirt?

In our daily life, we always think that the toilet is the place with the most bacteria in the house. In fact, it is not the case. The number of bacteria in the kitchen, sewers, rags and even the inner drum of the washing machine in our home is amazing. Some consumers may be confused. It's a place to wash clothes, so why are there bacteria breeding? In fact, there are many corners on the washing machine that are neglected by us. Because they are not cleaned up, these corners have a negative impact on people's laundry health and washing effect.

1. Fluff filter of washing machine

This place filters the lint from the wash that we sometimes forget to clean. It is very simple to maintain here. After drying, there is no need to put detergent, just wash with tap water and wipe dry.

2. Detergent box of washing machine

The detergent box is very easy to hide bacteria under the condition of accumulation over time. We need to clean it regularly, wash the detergent box with hot water, rinse off the residual detergent, and keep it dry.

3. Washing machine drum, door seal

It is very easy to leave fluff and foreign objects here. Be sure to clean up regularly and don't forget. Some white washing machines have a barrel self-cleaning function, which regularly cleans the drum and wipes the door ring.

4. Washing machine drain pump

This is a relatively humid place, so it is easy to breed bacteria. We need to read the instructions carefully, clean the fluff and remove foreign objects.

5. Washing machine condensate sink

This is also a humid area, we only need to let the washing machine dry automatically, then we can reduce the reproduction of bacteria.

With the continuous improvement of people's material life, people's demand for household appliances has not only stayed on simple basic functions, but has also increased in smarter, more environmentally friendly and healthier aspects, which has also created a variety of home appliances on the market today. As far as white washing machines are concerned, with the exposure of hidden stains in washing machines, people have gradually paid more attention to the concept of healthy washing machines. Therefore, washing machines with antibacterial and sterilizing functions are gradually accepted by consumers, and their market share continues to expand. In addition to sterilization, the washing machine has other functions that can make laundry more healthy.

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