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Maintenance of Tumble Washer

If the washer dryer hums during operation, the reason may be that it is not leveled, causing it to make noise when it vibrates. If there is a buzzing sound when starting, it may be caused by a faulty starting capacitor, a problem with the battery valve, the water pressure is too low, and the voltage is not enough. You can check the water pressure and voltage, and then check the battery valve and starting capacitor. If there is a damaged part, then it needs to be repaired.

Ⅰ. Repair methods of washer dryer buzzing

(1) The first is to open the tap, lest the tap is too small and lead to too low water pressure. If the water pressure in the home is very low, you need to install the booster pump to improve the water pressure.

(2) Secondly, ensure that the voltage of the tumble washer is stable, which needs to pay attention to the connection of the power plug of the washer dryer. You should ensure that the socket is safe and stable, and not have other high-power electrical appliances around.

(3) Remove the connection of the water pipe and washer dryer, and open the metal mesh to check the solenoid valve. If there is a matter blocked, you should clean up in time. If the battery valve is damaged, you need to replace it.

(4) Finally, it may be the problem of the starting capacitor. If there is no sound from the motor after the washing machine is started, it is usually the fault here. At this time, do not repair it yourself at home. It is recommended to contact the after-sales service phone of the washing machine to arrange for a professional master to come to check and repair the machine to avoid damage to the machine.

Ⅱ. Maintenance methods of washer dryer

(1) Try not to put the tumble washer in the wet space. If the family living conditions are limited, it can only be placed in a damp area (such as toilet, bathroom). It should also have good ventilation.

(2) After using the washer dryer, you should clean the filaments filter net and shell, open the door cover and let the water evaporate to keep the drying of the washer dryer. But do not use hard brushes, cleaning powder, volatile solvents to clean the washer dryer and do not spray volatile chemicals such as pesticides,because it will damage the washer dryer.

(3) Check the footpad of the washer dryer every one to two months. After the long-term use of washer dryer, water injection mouth is easy to be blocked by dirt and reduce water speed, so it must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid causing poor water supply or failure.

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