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The Dryer Has Other Useful Functions Apart from Drying Clothes

1. The dryer can remove batting

Many people have discovered that after using the washing machine at home for a long time, there will always be a lot of batting on the washed clothes. It's believed that everyone has encountered such troubles more or less in daily life. After the clothes have batting, it is difficult to clean up, but the dryer can easily fix the problem. The dryer has a function of collecting batting and hair. Inside the dryer, there will be a "batting box". If you open the batting box after using the dryer once, you can see the filter screen is full of batting and dust, which are filtered by the dryer from the clothes. In addition to filtering batting, dust balls and other small things on the clothes can be removed by the dryer. It can be said that the clothes dried by the dryer become clean and tidy!

2. The dryer can sterilize and remove mites

Most people think that clothes can only kill bacteria and mites if they are exposed to the sun. Indeed, the sun has ultraviolet rays, which have a certain effect on sterilization and removal of mites. However, after the sunlight hits the earth being lost in space and absorbed by the atmosphere, the ultraviolet rays are already very weak, and its sterilization and mite removal function is almost negligible! Some netizens said that the quilt smells of the sun after drying, which is the smell of mites being scorched. If you dry the quilt in the dryer, you can also smell the so-called "sun smell", which is actually just the heat emitted by the quilt at high temperature! Whether it is clothes or quilts, when they are exposed to the sun, the temperature is not very high, and the sterilization effect is not obvious. And when they are dried outside, it is inevitable that they will be stained with haze and dust, which will cause the clothes to suffer "secondary pollution", but these problems can be solved by the dryer. After the clothes are dried by the dryer, the mites are removed, and clothes will be very fluffy, making people feel very comfortable!

3. Dryer saves time

Nowadays, people are generally busy. They usually work in the company most of the time, and come back very late after getting off work. If they have to wait to dry their clothes after washing, it will definitely affect their rest. Although drying clothes may seem like a very simple task, it is actually very time-consuming to do. It is necessary to shake the clothes one by one, then hang them on the hangers, and use the poles to get them to the balcony hooks. It also took more than ten minutes to dry all the clothes. In today's era where time is money, ten minutes is enough for you to take a good rest or read a few pages of a book to study. Such ten minutes are definitely more meaningful than ten minutes for drying clothes. With a cheap dryer, the clothes can be automatically dried after washing, and you just need to take it out and wear it directly, which is very simple and convenient!

In fact, sometimes we just think about the problem too simply, saying, "Why do you need a dryer if there is the sun", "You use the dryer because you are lazy" and so on. In the eyes of people who don't enjoy life, the dryer is useless, but what the dryer brings us is not only the simple thing of drying clothes, but also an attitude towards life. Each of these additional features is useful in your life!

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