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Common Sense About Washer Dryers: Bad Habits Make Clothes Dirty

Everyone likes to wear beautiful clothes. Wearing different clothes every day will make us very happy. However, how should we wash the clothes that we change frequently? What wrong washing methods will make the clothes more dirty? What should I do if the color of the laundry fades? Next, We will introduce you to the common sense of life in washing clothes.

1. The washing machine does not classify clothes

When washing clothes in a large washer dryer, it is necessary not only to classify by color but also to look at the material and type of the clothes. Experts suggest that clothes can be washed in four categories according to color: pure white, light color (including clothes with white stripes), dark color (black, blue, brown, etc.), bright color (red, yellow, orange, etc.). In terms of materials, be sure to wash clothes with a lot of plush (towels, sweaters, corduroy clothes, etc.) and clothes that are easy to pilling to avoid washing clothes. Intimate clothing, such as underwear, long johns, etc., should be washed separately.

2. The water temperature of the washer-dryer is not correct

Generally speaking, the higher the temperature of the water, the faster the stains will be removed, and the effect of disinfection will be better. However, not all clothes are suitable for washing with hot water. When we wash clothes, we should look at the clothes first. label above. For example, underwear, bed sheets, etc. should be washed with hot water above 60°C, but items such as silk and wool fabrics should be washed with cold water.

3. The washer dryer is too full

Some people like to gather up a pile of dirty clothes, fill up the washing machine and wash it again, thinking that it can save water and electricity, but they do not know that this will not only make it easy to wash and not clean but also shorten the service life of the washing machine. Experts suggest that the volume of laundry should only account for at most 2/3 of the volume of the drum of the washing machine.

4. Too much detergent is poured when using the washer dryer

Do you know that the more detergent the better, as long as it reaches a certain concentration, the decontamination effect will not continue to increase? If we use too much, it will not only waste resources but also have a lot of residues, which will reduce our own immune function. In fact, the amount of detergent is slightly less than the recommended amount in the manual. The water quality will also affect the amount of detergent. If the water quality is soft, you can use it less; if the water quality is hard, there are a lot of scales, and the detergent is not easy to dissolve, you can add some baking soda, and the large washer-dryer will clean it more thoroughly.

5. Not wash the washer-dryer after washing

When doing laundry, stains can accumulate in the crevices of the drum. After using the white washing machine, you should rinse the drum and filter with clean water. You can also add a cup of white vinegar to the water to help remove residual detergent. In addition, it is best to thoroughly disinfect it with a professional cleaning agent once a month.

6. Not clean the washer-dryer drain

Almost everyone ignores the drain pipe of a large washer dryer. Once the drain pipe or other pipes of the washer-dryer are blocked, it will not only consume energy, and affect the washing effect, but also pose a safety hazard. Therefore, you should regularly use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum each nozzle to keep it unobstructed.

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