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Toshiba T10 Heat Pump Washer & Dryer

Toshiba T10 Heat Pump Washer & Dryer
Heat Pump Washer Dryer Combo
Heat Pump Washer Dryer
Toshiba T10
Heat Pump Washer Dryer Combo Heat Pump Washer Dryer Toshiba T10

T10 Heat pump Washer Dryer with ultra-micro bubble and heat pump drying technology offers soft drying and luxury washing experience. Based on different washing scenarios, it can adjust the buffering index on the electromagnetic shock absorber to reduce transverse impact. With less vibration and noise, you can wash clothes at any time.  Choose Coolwasher washer and dryer company.

Compared to single spray which only produce water flow in one direction, the specially designed X-type double spray inject dual direction water flows with ultra-high water pressure which dissolve detergent completely and penetrate the clothes to give them a deep and thorough clean.

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Technical Details Of Toshiba T10 Heat Pump Washer & Dryer

Washing Capacity12/7kgColorSilver
Dimensions600*750*1065(W*D*H)The Volume of basket78.8L
MoterASDD MotorDisplayLED
The diameter of basket536mmThe diameter of door519mm
Washing Noise54dBSpinning Noise69dB
Program12 programs
Washer & Dry Programs: Mix/Quick/Night/Soak/60‘ W/D/Heavy/Memory/Bedlinen
Dry progruams: Mix/Memory/Refresh/Bedlinen

Unique Selling Points Of Toshiba T10 Heat Pump Washer & Dryer

Ultra-micro Bubbles

The ultra-micro bubble generator produces hundreds of millions of micro- and nano-bubbles that penetrate clothing fibers and clean them physically, it can reduce the usage of detergent by 50% .

For consumers, it is more economic and healthy .

Additionaly, this technology can also deliver deep clean effect.

ASDD Motor

TOSHIBA ASDD motor as third generation of DD motor uses expensive materials and upgraded structure.

It uses 42 neodymium magnets (magnetic fixation) and 6 samarium cobalt magnets instead of ferrite magnets.

Compared to conventional DD motor which use ferrite magnet.

The magnet force is stronger by 3 times which leads to better washing performance. Meanwhile, efficiency is higher. Stability is greater. Lifetime is longer.

Heat Pump Drying Technology

Condensation drying transfers hot air at a temperature over 70℃ which may harm the clothes' texture; however, heat pump drying maintains the drying temperature below 50℃ and offer soft protection for luxury fiber fabrics.

Besides, low drying temperature and precisely temperature control improve energy efficiency and reduce power consumption by nearly 50%.

Nano-silver Lons Rib

The lifting ribs contain nano-silver ions imported from Japan, which are automatically released when exposed to water and effectively remove bacteria.

Bacteria removal rate is 99.99%. It's the most effective sterilization method.

No water heating and no smell. It's safe and convenient.

Duration of bacterial inhibition for 48 hours. It will be your health guardian for a long time.

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