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How Long Does the Cloth Drying Machine Take to Dry Clothes?

Washing machines now have automatic drying functions. Because clothes only need to be dried outside for a short time after being washed in the washing machine, few people use the dryer. So, how long does it take a cloth drying machine to dry clothes? Does the cloth drying machine use a lot of energy? It is up to Little Swan to assist everyone in this regard.

Ⅰ. The clothes can be dried in half an hour by the cloth drying machine

In general, it only takes about a half-hour for the cloth drying machine to dry clothes. The time varies depending on the material of the clothes. Cotton clothes take 30-40 minutes to dry, while chiffon clothes take about 20 minutes. If you want your clothes to dry faster, spin them in the washing machine before putting them in the cloth drying machine to save time and energy.

Ⅱ. Power consumption of the cloth drying machine

The cloth drying machine, which consumes a lot of power, allows clothes to be worn without drying. In general, household cloth drying machines consume 0.5-1 kWh of electricity per hour, but this varies depending on the dryer equipment's power and wear and tear. Despite its high power consumption, the dryer can dry clothes in half an hour and can be worn on the body after drying. It can be said that it saves time and allows the balcony to be fully released.

Ⅲ. Principle of cloth drying machine

The cloth drying machine is a very convenient household appliance. Its principle is very simple: it converts electrical energy into heat energy, then uses the heat energy to evaporate the moisture in the clothes. The air-inducing device extracts a large amount of moisture and humidity. It should be noted that before using the dryer, the moisture in the clothes must be wrung out. Otherwise, an electric shock accident will occur. Sweaters, woollen fabrics, towels, and other easily fluff and shrink items should not be dried in the dryer.

Ⅳ. Precautions for using the cloth drying machine

When using the cloth drying machine, do not put too many clothes to save power. Otherwise, the baking time will be extended, the clothes will not dry easily, and the power consumption will be greater! The capacity of clothes should not exceed 85% of the internal space of the dryer. If the button collector and fluff collector contain too much dirt, it will also affect the drying efficiency, so it is best to be cleaned every three months.

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