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Introduction to the Size and Power of the Clothes Dryer

According to the drying capacity, clothes dryer are mainly divided into two categories: industrial and residential. The drying capacity of residential clothes dryer is generally around 6 kilograms, with power ranging from 1 to 2 kilowatts. With the continuous refinement of market demand, clothes dryer have gradually been refined for specific purposes, such as small commercial clothes dryer specifically designed for the beauty and hairdressing industry that have recently emerged. Nowadays, the most commonly used in households is the washing and drying machine, which has both the function of a washing machine and a clothes dryer. After the clothes are washed, the drying program can be switched directly, and the clothes can be dried in minutes. After being taken out, they only need to be hung up briefly and can be worn, which is very convenient.

Size of the clothes dryer

Power of the clothes dryer

A hot air clothes dryer uses high-temperature airflow to flow over the surface of clothes, heating and taking away the evaporated moisture to rapidly dry clothes. The commonly used heating methods are electric wire heating and semiconductor (PTC) heating. A heating element made of semiconductor automatically reduces power in the environment (inside or around the clothes dryer), saving energy while also protecting clothes by controlling the maximum temperature. The latest clothes dryer use heat pump compressor technology, which can achieve the effect of drying clothes without damaging them at a relatively low temperature of about 55-65 degrees Celsius.

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