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Toshiba T07 Quick Wash Washer & Dryer

Toshiba T07 Quick Wash Washer & Dryer
White Washer and Dryer Set
White Washer and Dryer
Toshiba T07
Toshiba Washer and Dryer
White Washer and Dryer Set White Washer and Dryer Toshiba T07 Toshiba Washer and Dryer

T07 Washer Dryer is combined with most of the top technologies in the laundry industry, which provides your with the top laundry experience. T07's SameLoads technology makes it convenience to finish a whole process of wash and dry without adding or removing the laundry in the halfway. T07 is equipped with multiple functions and technologies and can finish wash and dry in one machine, sparing space for small laundry rooms and giving more convenience for normal family. Buy washer dryer at wholesale prices.

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Technical Details Of Toshiba T07 Quick Wash Washer & Dryer

Washing Capacity8kgColorWhite
Dimensions595*565*850The Volume of basket70L
MoterReal INVERTER™ MotorDisplayTFT+LED digital
The diameter of basket510mm

Washing Noise58dBSpinning Noise77dB
Program18 programs
Sterilization/Dry Only/Time Dry/Color Alive/Synthetic/Mix/Delicate/Quick 10'/Cotton/Cotton ECO/Drum Clean/Bedlinen/My Cycle/45' Wash&Dry/Wool/Down Jacket/Sports Wear

Unique Selling Points Of Toshiba T07 Quick Wash Washer & Dryer


The GREATWAVES™ based on unique cold wash technolgoy achieving 40°C washing effect without heating water.The GREATWAVES™ contributes to great color protecting performance for fabric.

For instance, you can wash your colourful clothes like abaya/dark suit at ease without worrying color fading.

Thanks to this technology, it preserves clothes' colour and prolongs its' lifetime, you can wear your clothes for longer time.


Real INVERTER™ can adjust rotation speed in wide range(50- 200RPM) intelligently, resulting in reducing noise & energy consumption, prolonging motor lifetime. Inverter motor is quiet (10 % noise down) compared to universal motor, besides it's efficient and durable (with 10 year warranty). 

Ergo Design

Compared to conventioinal flat screen, 55° tilted operation panel is the most suitable angle of visual field and no need to bend forward to operate the control panel.

It designed to be easy to operate by minimizing wrist and neck strain. It's a special care for old people like your grandmother.


Conventional Washer Dryer, washing capacity is bigger than drying capacity. Therefore, awkward situation appears: wash clothes in one load and dry clothes in two load.

With SameLoads™, based on enlarge Inner Drum, thinner motor, higher spin speed, consumer can wash and dry clothes in one Load at ease.

10' Super Fast

It takes 10 minutes to complete washing cycle, saving your time.

For instance, in morning, you can use your breakfast time to activate this function to clean your shirt and get to work on time.

Remark: Load less than 1kg.

LED Drum Light

Compared to drum without drum light, consumers may leave some clothes inside the drum at night wash. The left clothes have to be washed again.

The LED drum light illuminates the drum inside when door opens, so that it is easy for users to fetch laundry to avoid anything let behind by accident.

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