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Toshiba T01 7kg/8kg Front Loading Washer

Toshiba T01 7kg/8kg Front Loading Washer
Washing Machine White
Toshiba Front Load Washing Machine Price
Toshiba Washing
Toshiba Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price
Toshiba T01
Washing Machine White Toshiba Front Load Washing Machine Price Toshiba Washing Toshiba Fully Automatic Washing Machine Price Toshiba T01

Toshiba T01 Washer equipped with the GREATWAVES™ and real INVERTER™ leads to the best color protecting and energy saving. Knob is designed based on ergonomics, most suitable for smooth rotation. Classic black door and white body look simple but shiny. Large LED screen shows all the information clearly. 

Carrying Real INVERTER™ Motor and the GREATWAVES™, Toshiba T01 performs perfectly in daily household laundry, providing you with a tidy life.

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Technical Details Of Toshiba T01 7kg/8kg Front Loading Washer

Washing Capacity7/8kgColorWhite
Dimensions7kg: 530*595*850
8kg: 600*595*850
The volume of basket8kg: 53.6L
9kg: 56.2l
MotorReal INVERTER™DisplayLED
The diameter of basket472mmThe diameter of door480mm
Washing Noise56dBSpinning Noise78dB
Program16 programs:
Heavy/Spin Only/Mix/Color Care/Synthetic/Delicate/Quick 15'/Cotton/Cotton ECO/Rinse&Spin/My Cycle/Wool/Drum Clean/Baby Care/Down/Sports

Unique Selling Points Of Toshiba T01 7kg/8kg Front Loading Washer

Crystal Inner Drum

Crystal shaped inner drum can enhance contact area with fabrics simulates wash board to effectively scrub clothes. Besides, it has 2196 holes to generate multi-directional water flows to effectively break and remove stains on clothes.

"S" type Paddle

"S" type Paddle has the highest diameter(from top to bottom) compare with other competitors which enable lifting clothes to the highest point in drum to tumble and beat clothes heavily. Besides, it has 132 holes generating different direction water flows to penetrate into fibers to remove stains. As a result, achieveing better cleaning effect.

15' Quick Wash

It takes 15 minutes to complete washing cycle, saving your time. For instance, in morning, you can use your breakfast time to activate this function to clean your shirt and get to work on time.

Drum Clean

Drum Clean function activate a 90°C flush flow through the gap between inner drum and outer barrel removing odors, dirt and delivering 90°C Sterilization for 70 minutes to prevent secondary contamination of the clothes. For instance, heat at 56°C for 30 minutes can kill most virus according to article from WHO. Use Drum Clean function can terminate virus in drum significantly.

Wool Program

Selecting wool program, you can wash wool apparel( scarf,sweater, towel and etc). without worrying fabric shrinkage and damage, making wool soft and glossy after washing cycle. T01 has Woolmark certification from Australia to prove performance. For instance, to wash wool apparel, lanudry shop will charge you 5 USD per time. Washing more, Saving more. Washing 150 pieces of wool apparels, earn a washing machine back.

Delay End

For instance, now it is 9 AM in morning, you have to attend a date at 11 AM, you can choose "Delay End" function, select delay time "2 hours", after the wash cycle, the clothes will be ready at 11AM for you.

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