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Do You Really Understand Clothes Dryers? Types of Dryers

A clothes dryer is a great device that uses the principle of heat exchange to air dry clothes in an almost airtight space. In the rainy season or when a large number of clothes need to be dried urgently, the advantage is highlighted, the drying is fast, the clothes have no wrinkles, or there are few wrinkles. Do your laundry whenever you want, don't worry about not being able to dry it. How does a clothes dryer work? What kind of distinction is there? Below is a brief introduction to you.

1. The working principle and components of the clothes dryer

The air pump sucks in the cold air, passes through the heating module, the air is heated, and then is sent into the clothes dryer and blown to the wet clothes. After the exchange of cold and heat, the air temperature is reduced and the water vapor is sent out of the inner barrel by the air pump.

The dryer can be simply divided into the following parts: the bottom plate packaging part, the box packaging part, the inner cylinder packaging part, the control board packaging part and the door packaging part. Among them, the control board part and the inner barrel packaging part are the core parts of the whole dryer. The control board part includes the circuit distribution, program design and sensor distribution of the entire dryer; the inner barrel part includes the heating module, the circulation module, the cold and heat exchange module, the water collection module, etc.

2. Classification of clothes dryers

The types of dryers available in the market include in-line dryers, heat-pipe water-condensing dryers, heat-pipe air-condensing dryers, and heat-pump air-condensing dryers.

(1) In-line condensation dryer

As the name suggests, its working principle is that after the hot air takes away the moisture, it is directly discharged to the outside through the drain pipe. The dryer has a relatively simple structure and low cost, and is a relatively low-priced tumble dryer on the market.

(2) Heat pipe water condensation dryer

Compared with the in-line dryer, this type of dryer has an additional condensation process, that is, the water vapor blown out during the drying process is discharged by cooling with cold water. Compared with the in-line type, the space will not become damp due to the direct discharge of air with water vapor, but hot air will still be discharged from the back of the fuselage, which will have a certain impact on the indoor temperature.

(3) Heat pipe air condensing dryer

The principle of this type of dryer is the same as that of the heat-pipe water-cooled dryer, but compared with the former condensation method, this type of dryer replaces cold water with cold air, which is relatively more environmentally friendly and saves water. The price is higher than the water-cooled type.

(4) Heat pump air condensing dryer

Heat pump air condensing dryers are the most high-end dryers on the market today. Compared with the heat pipe type, the temperature of the hot air blown out by the heat pump dryer is more uniform, drying the same amount of clothes, and the power consumption is lower. At the same time, the heat only circulates inside the machine, and the air temperature discharged from the machine is equivalent to the room temperature, which will not have any impact on the surrounding environment. This kind of clothes dryer is also the highest price in the market.

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