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The front load washer is controlled by a microcomputer and is tangle-free, evenly washed and less abrasive than a top load washer, and can wash cashmere, wool, silk and other clothing comprehensively. It can also be heated to fully dissolve the washing powder and give full play to the detergency of the powder. 

A high concentration of washing detergent can be formed in the drum, bringing ideal washing results while saving water. Some drum washing machines, in addition to washing and dewatering, washing machine wholesale have functions such as disinfection and sterilization, drying and top drainage to meet the needs of consumers in different geographical areas and living environments.

Front Load Washing Machine Types

Front Load Washing Machine Working Principle

The washing principle of a front load washer is that the motor drives the inner drum clockwise and counterclockwise, driving the clothes and water up and down to make the detergent fully penetrate the clothes and wash them by squeezing and tapping.

Front Load Washing Machine Working Principle

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