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Which One is Better, an Integrated Dryer or a Separate Washing and Drying Machine?

1. Comparison of space occupation of integrated dryer and separate washing and drying machine

The size of the integrated dryer is the same as that of an ordinary washing machine, although it does not take up space, and although there are two split washer dryers, they can be stacked, so they will not take up too much space. Some people may worry about whether direct stacking will affect the washing machine, but in fact, the weight of the dryer is not heavy, and the body of the washing machine vibrates when the clothes are dried, and the vibration can be avoided after stacking.

2. Comparison of the laundry capacity of the integrated dryer and the washing and drying machine

Washing a 10kg all-in-one dryer can dry up to 7kg. If it is forcibly stuffed, it may not be fully dried. The washing and drying machine is capable of drying 9-10 kg of clothes.

3. Comparison of drying effect between integrated dryer and separate washing and drying machine

Most all-in-one dryers on the market are condensing, which work by blowing hot air at high temperature for several hours on clothes. The clothes after drying have a small amount of wrinkles. In addition, delicate silk, pure cotton, and sweater fabrics are easily shrunk, faded, and thinned under long-term high temperature.

The independent dryer is generally a heat pump type, drying clothes at a low temperature, less damage to the clothes, and the clothes after drying are wrinkle-free, fluffy and soft, and relatively energy-saving.

4. Convenience comparison between an integrated dryer and a separate washing and drying machine

The all-in-one dryer can tuck the clothes in and you can leave them alone. When you take them out, you can fold them up and put them in the closet. The split-type washing machine has to toss once in the middle, and take the washed clothes into the dryer. In terms of convenience, the all-in-one dryer is more suitable for lazy people.

5. Comparison of fluff problems between integrated dryer and separate washing and drying machine

The condensing integrated dryer does not have the function of collecting fluff, while the heat pump independent dryer has a fluff collection box. No matter whether it is pet hair or other hair on the body, it can become very clean after drying.

6. Choose the dryer that suits you

Usually, the amount of clothes that need to be washed is small, and you are not afraid of harming the clothes. If you have a tight budget, you can choose an integrated dryer (specifically refers to the condensing type). If you have a large amount of clothes, delicate clothes, enough economic budget, and you are willing to toss your clothes to the dryer halfway, choose a separate washing and drying machine.

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