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The Future Development Trends of Washing Machine Industry Technology

Washing machines are common household appliances that are essential for daily life. With the continuous progress of society and technology, consumers' requirements for washing machines are no longer limited to the concept of "washing clothes". Based on current consumer attitudes, most users hope that the product has high cost-effectiveness, can perform multiple functions, and have multiple effects simultaneously. Major domestic and foreign enterprise brands are increasing investment in technological design to improve user experience and occupy the market. The survey found that the washing machine industry will develop in the following directions:

Specialization of washing machines

Due to the improvement of living standards, people have correspondingly demanded specialization of product functionality. For example, washing machines with upper pulsator and lower drum dual-frequency composite systems, and Hisense's three-in-one washing machine with dual pulsator and drum, are designed for different categories of laundry, such as underwear and outerwear, and baby clothes and adult clothes. They can be classified and cleaned separately, meeting people's needs for washing different types of clothes. Manufacturers have produced more targeted and specialized products to meet users' practical needs and experiences.

Intelligence of washing machines

More and more smart homes are appearing in people's daily lives. As the main direction of product technology development in the future, intelligence is also leading the washing machine industry's upgrade from mechanization to automation and then to intelligence. Currently, highly intelligent washing machines not only have WiFi connectivity and remote app control functions, but also have the ability to analyze and judge through big data systems and automatically adjust programs. Smart washing machines can automatically sense the weight and fabric differences of clothes and intelligently adjust the amount of water, detergent, water temperature, and washing time for more scientific, efficient, and energy-saving cleaning of clothes.

Health of washing machines

As people attach great importance to health, bactericidal functions have gradually become one of the new selling points of washing machines, and functions such as prompt cleaning reminders and automatic internal cleaning of washing machines are also constantly developing. At present, the health-care bactericidal function of washing machines mainly uses high-temperature physical bactericidal, deep-level bactericidal with active oxygen, ultraviolet blue light irradiation, and other methods to achieve the effect of bactericidal clothing. Some washing machines have prompted cleaning and automatic net cage cleaning functions to remove dirt and bacteria, inhibit mold growth, and provide people with a healthy and bacteria-free washing environment in all aspects and to a maximum degree.

Humanization of washing machine experience

In the process of using traditional washing machines to wash clothes, loud noise and vibration are often where people feel helpless. However, major enterprises have seized this issue and continuously improved relevant technology to reduce noise and vibration and give consumers a new experience. Therefore, more and more products are designed from the perspective of users, making the user experience more humane and comfortable.

Multifunctionality of washing machines

Due to frequent rainwater and air pollution, outdoor drying of clothes is sometimes inconvenient. In the rainy season, high humidity, and continuous rain, many southern families often encounter the tricky problem of difficult drying of clothes after washing. Based on this, many high-end washing machines now also have the function of drying clothes, which means that clothes can be quickly dried after washing, solving the difficult problem of drying clothes after washing. Currently, the drying technology commonly used in the market's washing and drying machines mainly includes speed wind steam drying, which eliminates the need for drying and ironing and saves balcony space.

As one of China's leading home appliance industry companies, Midea Group has invested a lot of resources in research and development in the field of washing machines to meet consumers' demand for better washing experiences. Midea Group has developed many intelligent, healthy, humanized, and multifunctional washing machine products, such as AI washing machines with various scene intelligent recognitions, health washing machines equipped with ozone bactericidal technology, and multi-functional washing and drying machines with direct heating and drying functions. At the same time, Midea Group has launched a series of service measures, such as "customized cleaning plans" for young people who love cleanliness and "overseas maintenance services" for cross-border e-commerce users, to provide more comprehensive and intimate user services. It can be said that Midea Group's investment and efforts in the field of washing machines have injected a lot of vitality and innovation into the industry's development.

In summary, the future development direction of washing machines is becoming increasingly clear. Future washing machines will become more intelligent, healthy, specialized, humanized, and multifunctional. Major manufacturers will continue to invest more in technology and resources to meet users' demand for better washing experiences and promote the development of the washing machine industry.

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