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Do You Have the Bad Habits During the Use of Washer Dryer?

Most households have washer dryers, and we often use washer dryers to wash all kinds of clothes, but do you really understand washer dryers enough? In fact, in the process of using the washer dryer, some inconspicuous bad habits may make us do more with less and take a lot of detours in the washing process. So how to use the washer dryer correctly, and what bad habits should we pay attention to in the washing process? Let's take a look together.

1. Add detergent to the washer dryer casually

When the laundry detergent in the washer dryer water is saturated, the excess detergent will not be completely dissolved, nor will it play its due decontamination effect, but will adhere to the surface of the clothes, making the clothes more unclean. Therefore, when cleaning a large amount of clothes or stubborn stains, soak the clothes in the laundry detergent for a while before throwing them into the washer dryer. And then pour in some laundry detergent according to the amount of water. So how much detergent should you put in your washer dryer? Is there any scientific basis? In fact, you really don't need to worry about these problems. There have already been washer dryers on the market that can do these things intelligently. The self-adding function of the washer dryer can automatically determine whether to add detergent and softener according to parameters such as program, clothes weight, and degree of fouling. It is a very professional smart washing solution to achieve accurate dosage at present.

2. Put different clothes into the washer dryer together

Many white-collar workers usually go out early and return late, so it is inevitable that they will develop the habit of "saving dirty clothes" and washing them together on weekends. But be sure to remember to wash them separately according to the type of clothing, otherwise tragedies like cross-infection are likely to occur! There are actually a lot of bacteria in the clothes you wear, but you have not paid attention to it for a long time. You must get rid of this bad habit of mixing inner and outer clothes. In addition, the functions of white washing machines are becoming more and more diversified and subdivided. However, many consumers have only used the "standard" program no matter what clothes they wash since they bought the washer dryer, and have never used other more subdivided functions. In this way, the true value of the washer dryer is lost, and the standard washing is a fuzzy control program, which cannot set the speed and time for different fabrics, and may happen that the clothes after washing are not clean or even the clothes are washed badly.

3. The water temperature and speed of the washer dryer are set arbitrarily

If you think that the more powerful the washer dryer is during the washing process, the better the cleaning effect will be, then you are very wrong! Too much force will directly damage the fibers of the clothes. In fact, through the chemical efficacy of the detergent, coupled with a moderate amount of power, it is fully capable of cleaning the dirt on the fibers on the surface of the clothes! For the setting of water temperature, the material of the clothing itself cannot be ignored for the consideration of "high temperature sterilization". In fact, the material of many clothes is not suitable for washing with water at high temperature, otherwise tragedies such as fading and shrinking will occur. In addition, the most suitable water temperature for our commonly used enzyme-containing laundry powder is about 40°C. Too high or too low temperature will reduce the activity of enzymes.

If you need special settings during the washing process, you can first select the corresponding program according to the fabric of your clothes, and then make an in-depth selection of the rotation speed or the amount of detergent, so that the clothes will not be damaged due to wrong settings.

4. Never clean your washer dryer

In fact, after the white washing machine is used, mist is likely to remain inside the drum or the rear door. If the door is closed at this time, it is easy to breed mold and cause clothing infection. You must know that in addition to the inner bucket we can see, there will also be a matched bucket outside. When washing clothes, the water will sway back and forth between the two buckets. Even after the drainage is clean, it will inevitably leave sewage residues in it. It is easy to absorb dirt after being placed for a long time. Therefore, in addition to remembering to open the door to keep the ventilation after washing, also remember to clean the washing machine regularly.

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