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Remove Stains

Before remove stains from clothes, please note:

1. refer to those laundry symbols for the best cleaning practices. If you don't know how to wash fabrics, you can read our other article: Different Fabrics.

2. The other cardinal rule of stain removal is never, ever run a garment through a heated dryer unless you're totally sure the stain has been removed. Doing so will only cause the stain to set and thus become a permanent, annoying part of your life.

3. Deal with it as early as possible. The less time a stain has to soak in, the easier it will be to remove, although there are ways to remove old stains out of clothes as well.

4. Never use water or detergent to remove stains without testing for fading. You can dip the inside of the garment, such as the inside of the cuff, and use absorbent paper to test whether the stain will fade.

5. When sending dirty clothes to the laundromat, even if the stain becomes extremely inconspicuous, it is important to tell the laundromat where the stain is and what you have done to remove the stain, which will help the laundromat choose the right way to remove the stain.

Choose a stain substance below for more specific advice on how to get stains out of clothes:

1. Tea stains.

  • use hot water to rinse and rub to remove the fresh tea stains 

  • the old stains can washed with concentrated salt water

2. Ink stains.

  • coat and rub with one alcohol, two soap solutions repeatedly to remove

  • use toothpaste coated in the stain part of rubbing, and then rinse with water. if dealing with the silk material, the stain will be laid flat on clean paper facing down, coated with dry detergent or alcohol, rub the back of the silk stain until the stain disappears, and then wash and rinse

3. Oil stains.

  • oil stains on clothes can be scrubbed with pine perfume, banana water, gasoline, etc., and then soak in 3% salt water for a few minutes, and then rinse with water

  • if silk jewelry stained with oil, gently scrubbed with acetone solution

  • the oil stains on dark clothes can be scrubbed with residual tea to remove the dirt

  • oil stains can be easily removed by scrubbing with a modicum of toothpaste mixed with laundry detergent

  • take a little flour, mixed into a paste, coated in oil stains on the front and back of the clothes, dried in the sun, remove the shell, you can remove oil stains

  • fur clothes stained with oil stains can be properly sprinkled with raw flour in the place of oil stains, and then rubbed with a brown brush along the hair until the oil stains removed. Then pat the fur surface with rattan or the like to remove the remaining powder and make the plush fluffy and clean.

  • ski shirt stained with oil stains, with cold water to a little flour punch into glue-like coated in oil stains, a few hours later with a brush dipped in water to brush away the powder, the oil stains will be removed

4. Soy sauce.

  • the new stained soy sauce stains can be washed with cold water first and then removed with detergent

  • old soy sauce stains, you can add the right amount of ammonia in the detergent dip wash, or try to scrub with alcohol, you can tardily remove the old soy sauce stains

5. Mildew spots.

  • wipe with a 2% soap alcohol solution, then use bleach 3%-5% sodium hypochlorite or wipe with hydrogen peroxide, and finally wash

  • when moldy spots appear in clothes, a small amount of fabric-safe bleach in the mold rubbing, and then rinse with water, mold can be removed

  • leather clothes with mold spots, use a towel dipped in some soapy water word rub, remove the dirt immediately after washing with water, to be dried and then coated with nail polish can

  • silk clothing on the mold spot, available 5% white wine scrubbing, in addition to mold effect is very good

  • silk clothing mold spots, you can generally brush in water with a soft brush, if the mold is heavy, it can be coated with 5% talk about brine in the place of mold spots, placed 3-5 minutes, and then rinse with water can

  • the collection of bed sheets, clothes with yellow places, can be coated with some milk, put in the sun for a few hours, and then washed with water

  • tweed fabric with mildew stains, must be hung in a cool, ventilated place to dry, and then wiped with a small amount of cotton with gasoline repeatedly, and then washed with water

  • Musty smell: there is a musty smell of clothes soaked in water with a small amount of vinegar and milk scrubbing, can be in addition to the smell of mold

6. Blood stains.

  • just stained blood stains can be soaked in cold clear water for a few minutes, and then washed with soap or alcohol

  • the old stains can be cleaned with lemon juice and salt water, but hot water should not be used. You can also use water to wash the blood stains to light brown, then wash them with glycerin soap, and finally rinse in warm water

7. Coffee stains.

  • not too thick coffee stains can be cleaned with soap or laundry detergent dipped in hot water

  • thicker coffee requires more sophisticated cleaning steps. Mix the egg yolk with little glycerin and applied to the stain. Clean the coffee stains with soap and hot water after drying.

Last important: 

It's important to note that not all fixes work every single time, so don't give up completely if a particular hack doesn't get a stain completely out. Keep trying – it's likely that eventually a tactic will work.

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