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What is the Difference Between a Clothes Dryer and an Integrated Washer and Dryer?

In recent years, clothes dryer machines and integrated washer and dryers have become more and more popular, and more and more families are buying them, but at the same time, this also leads to a question, what is the difference between a clothes dryer machine and an all-in-one washing and drying machine? Which one to choose? Don't worry, let's talk today.

1. The difference between a clothes dryer machine and a integrated washer and dryer

(1) Drying method

At present, clothes dryer machines on the market basically use heat pump drying methods, while integrated washer and dryers basically use condensing drying methods. We do not need to study the specific drying principles. Better than condensing.

(2) Clothing damage

Due to the different drying methods, the damage to clothing fabrics is also different. During the drying process of the condensation type, the temperature is above 60°C, while the heat pump type is generally below 55°C. Relatively speaking, the heat pump type is softer than the condensation type. Some.

(3) Drying speed

When the drying conditions are exactly the same, the heat pump drying speed is faster than the condensation drying. Although the condensation drying temperature is higher, the speed will be slower due to its working method.

(4) Power consumption

We can look at the power. Generally speaking, the power of the condensing type is above 2000 watts, and the heat pump type is about 1000 watts.

(5) Dry clothes weight

Whether it is an all-in-one washer and dryer or a clothes dryer, there will be a weight mark. For example, now there is an all-in-one washer and dryer and a clothes dryer, both marked with 10kg, but they do not mean the same thing. The 10kg of the washer-dryer all-in-one represents the maximum washing volume, and the clothes dryer machine represents the maximum drying volume. Generally speaking, the drying capacity of the washing and drying machine is half of the washing capacity, that is to say, when the washing capacity is 10 kg, the drying capacity is about 5 kg.

(6) Different functions

Generally speaking, the drying function of the integrated washer and dryer is not too much, but the additional functions of the clothes dryer are very many, in addition to the basic drying, such as sterilization, mite removal, etc., are very good.

2. The advantages of integrated washer and dryer

Having said so much, it's all about the benefits of a clothes dryer, so isn't there any advantage to an integrated washer and dryer? The advantages of it are as follows.

(1) Convenient and fast: The integrated washer and dryer can both wash and dry, and the operation is very convenient. We only need to move our fingers, and we can do other things, and the machine will work by itself.

(2) Simple operation: The operation of the integrated washer and dryer is very simple. Although it is a smart product, even the elderly can learn it in one go.

(3) Does not occupy space: Most of the people living in the city now live in small-sized houses, and their living area is not large. They also need to put washing machines and dryers. The all-in-one drying machine perfectly solves this problem, one machine is dual-purpose, and does not occupy space.

Regarding the specific choice, from the perspective of living area, if it is a small apartment, it is recommended to choose an integrated washer and dryer, otherwise, choose an independent clothes dryer; from the perspective of economic strength, if the economic strength is ordinary, choose an integrated washing and drying machine, otherwise, choose an independent clothes dryer Clothes dryer; From the perspective of drying effect, if it is purely for drying clothes, a washing and drying machine is enough. If you want a better drying experience, you can choose a separate dryer.

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