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In a market that fulfilled with amounts of different sorts of laundry product, do you know how to choose the laundry powder that suits you? Economical washing powder has always been a hot commodity in the market, and with the rapid development of science and technology, the function and effect of washing powder has also evolved, whether it is to strengthen the decontamination of carbon, deodorization, or the use of enzymes antibacterial aspects are constantly improved.

Compared with liquid laundry detergent, the biggest advantage of laundry detergent is its super cleaning power, which can thoroughly clean stubborn stains such as sediment and sebule. Especially to the family that has lively good move a child, washing powder is the right hand assistant of clean clothes more. Secondly, another advantage of washing powder is affordable. Unlike a bottle of laundry detergent, which can clean clothes 30 to 40 times, a box of washing powder can clean clothes more than 100 times. Over time, the savings are not only considerable, but also save the trouble of buying lotion frequently. In addition, due to the high deodorization power of most washing powder and not easy to produce mildew smell, especially suitable for the family who often hang clothes in the house, so that even though the weather is bad, there is no need to worry about the smell of clothes.

Choose detergent that dissolves easily and does not remain

The most common disadvantage of washing powder is that the powder does not dissolve completely, resulting in granular residue after washing clothes. Especially in the cold season or rainy season, washing powder is not only difficult to dissolve in cold water but also may be caked by moisture. For this, the proposal advocate choose and buy advocate the design with delicate powder grain and use alternately timely, do not need to worry about washing powder can remain on clothes.

For many people, washing clothes is a pain. But there was something even more painful: not knowing how to choose laundry detergent. Standing in front of the supermarket shelves momentarily dumbstruck, washing powder, detergent, laundry soap, soap powder...... Various brands, different prices of laundry products in a dazzling array. Washing powder is strong as a result of alkalinity, decontaminate ability is strong, no doubt, but it destroys clothing fiber, still can take away the grease on the skin, make grease secrete unbalance, harm the skin. When used, washing powder is not easy to dissolve, and not easy to rinse, not suitable for washing intimate and children's clothes. In addition, most washing powder contains phosphorus, not only not environmental protection, but also easy to damage cotton, wool and other fabrics, accumulated over a long period of time, clothing residual phosphorus will stimulate the skin. To remove phosphorus, rinse clothing under running water for at least 5 minutes. So when washing powder of choose and buy, must choose those who do not have phosphorous formula, and should choose big brand, quality ability lets a person rest assured.

Precautions when using washing powder

When using washing powder to clean clothes, as long as you pay a little attention to the following key points, you can achieve a completely different washing effect.

1. Dissolve in warm water

Whenever the weather is damp or the temperature is colder, the problem of the dissolution of washing powder often makes a person worry. It is recommended to dissolve washing powder in 40℃ warm water before pouring into the washing machine, so as to avoid its residue in the clothes. In addition, the hot water after the bath will be poured into the washing machine in a bucket, or a large basin to receive the bath water and then add washing powder and mix well by hand, can achieve the same effect and can also save energy carbon.

2. Increase the number of washes to help detergent dissolve

In order to save water, many people are used to cleaning their clothes in one wash mode. However, as the washing powder needs sufficient water to dissolve, it is recommended to adjust to two washes to avoid detergent residue. In addition, because many washing machines are preset to wash only once in the fast washing mode, there may still be residual fine powder particles that are hard to be recognized by the naked eye. It is recommended to use clean water for a second time to wash the washing powder thoroughly.

3. Only fill the washer with about seven tenths of a load at a time

The solubility of washing powder is also closely related to the amount of clothing. In order to retain enough space for washing, it is recommended to put about 70 minutes full into the laundry trough each time, while it is recommended to put about 40 percent into the drum washing machine. When the washing powder is completely dissolved, the cleaning power of dirt will also be improved; Therefore, in order to fully develop the cleaning effect of washing powder, please avoid loading all dirty clothes into the washing machine, but carefully put the appropriate amount of clothes.

4. Preservation method of washing powder

A lot of people have the habit of placing washing powder beside the washing machine. However, it is easy to make it to be affected with damp and agglutinate below damp environment, so the washing powder will not only be difficult to dissolve in water, original decontamination effect may also be unable to use. Washing powder should be stored in a dry place, or it is recommended to put several packets of desiccant in the box to suppress moisture and keep the washing powder particles dry and not spoiled. If it really clumps carelessly, don't discard it first, try to put it in the sun to dry naturally, become a solid damp washing powder can return to a delicate granular state.

5. Check when clothes are not thoroughly washed

If you use a detergent with strong cleaning power, but find that clothes can not be completely washed, it is recommended to double check whether the amount of detergent and water is consistent. Whether dirt can be thoroughly washed is actually very related to the amount of water, especially in the use of water-saving washing machine, only need to slightly increase the amount of water setting, washing force will also improve.

In addition, adding too much detergent and then lead to detergent residue is also one of the reasons for the clothing is difficult to clean. So don't forget to add the right amount of detergent according to the amount of clothing, for the best cleaning results.

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