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How to Perfectly Match the Washing Machine with the Space?

In addition to the commonly used toiletries, what other items are indispensable in the bathroom? For modern young people, modern bathroom supplies such as washing machines have become indispensable supplies in the bathroom. So where should we put the washing machine? Where should the washing machine be placed to make the entire bathroom space look more reasonable and appropriate? Today, Midea will take you to see the placement method of the washing machine and find out the solution that suits you.

1. Option 1: Put the washing machine next to the sink

The front door washing machine is placed on the edge of the washbasin, the size is just right, just enough to put the washing machine down, which saves space and makes the small space extraordinarily neat. The advantage of being close to the sink is that you can easily inject water into the washing machine, which is very convenient. On the top of the washing dryer, the wooden board creates a layered storage space, where the items to be washed or cleaned can be placed here, showing a sense of convenience.

The washing machine is placed in the same direction as the washbasin, and a small wall in the middle separates the washbasin and the washing machine. The obvious boundary can not only prevent the water on the side of the washbasin from splashing on the washing machine, but also place the washing machine in the right-sized corner, making use of the The small space greatly increases the storage capacity of the bathroom.

2. Option 2: Put the washing machine in the corner of the wall

If there is a dead corner in the washroom, then we might as well put our washing machine in this dead corner, choose a washing machine to place in this corner according to the size of the dead corner, and use every corner of the washroom practically. In this decoration, we put the washing machine in the innermost corner, perpendicular to the vanity, facing the operator, which is very convenient. At the same time, it is more convenient to prepare an area for drying clothes next to the washing machine, and dry the washed clothes there.

In a small area near the bathroom door, it is also very practical to place the washing machine in this small and medium-sized position. The door of the bathroom adopts the style of sliding door, which can avoid accidentally hitting the washing machine when pushing the door. Above the small area, the translucent glass can shine more light into the washroom, and it can also discharge water vapor when washing clothes, which is very practical.

3. Option 3: Put the washing machine in the kitchen

Washing machines even half a square meter in size can be a problem when space is not enough. Therefore, when configuring the kitchen space, it is only necessary to vacate a small cabinet in the corner, as long as it is far away from the fire source. With a washing machine, even a retro kitchen style will look modern and stylish. If there is enough space in the dining room, then we can put the washing machine in this position. In a recessed space in the wall, a layered storage grid is made of wooden boards. Common kitchen utensils such as microwave ovens can be placed on it, and a place the size of a washing machine is reserved below. Just put the washing machine inside, which greatly enhances the overall storage function.

4. Option 4: Put the washing machine on the balcony

We should also make good use of the area on the balcony, not to waste every small space that can be used. Then put our washing machine in this corner. In the right size, make full use of the corner space, get rid of the daily classic flowers and plants, and greatly improve the practicability.

On the balcony, the floor-to-ceiling windows draw more light into the house, making the whole space more spacious and bright. In such an area, make a small "hole" and put our front door washing machine in it. This small "hole" can avoid direct sunlight and damage the appearance of the washing machine, which is very practical. There is a small pool next to it, which can fill the washing machine with water, which is simple and practical. And different styles of height and height, full of three-dimensional sense. A few pots of small flowers are placed on the washing machine, and the colorful colors make the small area bright and fresh.

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