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Tips for Washer Dryer: How to Wash Clothes More Efficient?

Washing all the clothes accumulated for a week in the washing machine on weekends is believed to be the normal state of most netizens. In order to avoid skin diseases caused by cross-infection, in addition to the necessary maintenance of the dorm washer dryer, sorting and washing clothes is also one of the effective methods. Today, we will tell you how to properly wash clothes.

Ⅰ. Sorting clothes is easier for the washer dryer to wash

(1) Classification by color: First of all, dark or bright clothes should be picked out and not mixed with light colors (because dark clothes have the possibility of fading).

(2) Classification by thickness: Silk fabric, light mesh fabric, underwear, socks, knitwear or easily deformed clothing should not be washed by machine, and should be washed by hand to avoid damage.

(3) Classification by fiber raw material: Clothes containing wool or special cloth should be picked out for dry cleaning, otherwise it will cause fleecing and deformation.

Ⅱ. Washing temperature and detergent properties of washer dryer

The best washing temperature of detergent containing non-ionic surfactant is below 60℃. Exceeding this temperature will affect the decontamination effect. The best washing temperature of detergent containing cationic surfactant is above 60℃, and lower than this temperature will affect the decontamination effect of washer dryer.

Ⅲ. Five notes for washing clothes in washer dryer

(1) First soak and then wash. Before washing, soak the clothes in liquid soap or detergent solution for 10-14 minutes.

(2) First thin clothes and then thick clothes. Generally chemical fiber with thin and soft texture and silk fabric should take four or five minutes to wash, and cotton and wool with a thicker texture should take ten minutes to clean.

(3) Rated capacity. If the washing amount is too little, the electric energy is wasted. On the contrary, if we wash too much, it not only will increase the washing time of washer dryer, but will cause the motor overload operation, both increasing power consumption, and easy to damage the motor.

(4) Moderate water consumption, not too much or too little. Too much water will increase the water pressure of the wave plate, increasing the burden of the motor and increasing the power consumption. Too little water will affect the washing clothes up-and-down, increasing the washing time and increasing the power consumption.

(5) Correctly master the washing time of the washer dryer to avoid invalid action. The cleanliness of your clothes is mainly related with the degree of dirt, detergent varieties and concentration. It's not proportional to the washing time. If it exceeds the specified washing time, cleanliness will not have a big increase, and the electric energy is wasted.

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