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How to Solve Some Daily Problems of Tumble Washer?

In the daily laundry process, the tumble washer can effectively clean the clothes while achieving the advantages of minimal damage to the clothes and maximum water saving. However, after a long time of use, there will be some minor problems. Many people will mistakenly think that they choose the washing machine. The quality problem is actually not the case. As long as you pay attention to daily maintenance and cleaning, it will be beneficial to the health of your family and the service life of the washing machine.

1. Solve the problem of tumble washer drying vibration

During the drying process of the washing machine, the machine body vibrates due to the action of centrifugal force. It is actually very simple to solve the problem of running and jumping when the washing machine is spinning! Usually, the ground cannot be guaranteed to be flat during the decoration process, but the feet of the tumble washer can be adjusted. This problem can be solved by rotating the feet to make them fully contact with the ground.

2. Solve the problem of the peculiar smell of the clothes after washing in the tumble washer

Usually, the tumble washer will produce a certain odor after being used for a long time, which means that your washing machine has not "bathed" on time. Generally, you should rinse it with clean water after washing the clothes, so that it will be simply washed away and left in the fuselage little dirt. After each wash, open the cover to let the inside of the fuselage dry naturally, because bacteria are more likely to multiply in wet places. This ensures health and prolongs the life of the washing machine.

3. Solve the problem of residual dirt on clothes after washing by tumble washer

Because washing powder, especially soap or liquid soap contains grease components, these grease will be adsorbed on the wall of the inner barrel, or in places such as the powder box, the longer the tumble washer is used, the more grease stains, if you do not clean the washing machine for a long time It will easily lead to secondary pollution, what's more, it can cause symptoms such as skin allergies. Therefore, try to choose washing products with less oil content, which will effectively improve this problem.

Generally, the rust of the washing machine is often because the washing machine is placed in a relatively humid or dark place at home. Since moisture is the main factor for rust, when the oxygen in the air dissolves in water, a chemical reaction occurs, which leads to rust. The first thing to prevent the washing machine from rusting is that the environment around the washing machine must not be wet.

If the washing machine is out of service for a long time, it should be kept clean and tidy by removing accumulated water; it should be placed in a dry place without corrosive gas, strong acid and strong alkali corrosion, so as to prevent metal parts from rusting and electrical components to reduce insulation performance; there is no oiling on the wave wheel shaft The washing machine with holes in the washing machine should be oiled once to prevent corrosion; when not in use, the washing machine should be covered with a plastic film or cloth cover to avoid dust erosion and keep the washing machine bright and clean; Start the test run every 2 months to prevent parts from rusting and motor windings from getting damp. Powering on is also a means of drying the windings, which can avoid failures caused by excessive shutdown time; the tumble washer should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, especially for plastic components, so as to avoid fading and aging.

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