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The Classification and Use Method of Dryer

1. Classification of dryers

(1) According to the structure, it is mainly divided into split type and integrated washing and drying type

Before purchasing, you must first look at your actual situation. The split type is more efficient and can dry more clothes at one time. It is suitable for houses with large balconies or bathrooms. As the name suggests, the washer and dryer are combined into one. Although it saves a certain amount of space, the drying capacity is generally lower than the laundry capacity, and it is only suitable for drying a small amount of clothes. The biggest problem with the washing and drying machine is that it will cause secondary pollution. During the drying process, there is no drying filter, so dust and dander from clothes cannot be discharged. At the same time, for a general washing and drying machine, the maximum weight that the dryer can bear is only half of the maximum weight that the washing mode can bear.

So if your home is not big, and you don’t save a lot of clothes to wash at a time, it is more appropriate to buy a washing and drying one, and you can wear it as you wash it. If the place is right or you like to accumulate a lot of clothes to wash at a time, then I believe that buying a dryer alone is more suitable for you, and the dryer can generally be protected from the front-loading washing machine.

(2) In terms of working principle, it can be divided into exhaust type, condensing type and heat pump drying type.

The exhaust type dryer mainly discharges the water vapor by means of exhaust air.

The principle of the condensing dryer is that the air is heated into hot air after passing through the heater. The hot air passes through the clothes and becomes wet and cold air. The wet and cold air passes through the condensation system to separate out water vapor and becomes dry and cold air. The dry and cold air passes through the heater again and becomes hot air. Clothes, this cycle continuously drains the water vapor from the clothes. No exhaust pipe is required, just a water storage box. The condensation drying temperature is lower than that of the exhaust type, and the effect of wrinkle removal and care is better.

The heat pump system can cleverly recycle the heat generated during the drying process, eliminating the need for heating by heating pipes, thus reducing energy waste. Because there is no heating tube to heat, the temperature is usually around 60 degrees, and high temperature damage will not occur. To put it simply, the heat pump type has high energy efficiency and low power consumption, and can save up to 50%-70% energy than the condensing type. At the same time, because the drying temperature can be lower than that of the traditional condensation type, the effect of caring for clothes is more than that of the traditional condensation type.

2. How to use the clothes dryer

(1) Before using the dryer every day, it should be checked visually or by hand on its upper and lower sides, including the upper heat exchanger, air filter, lower dander filter, drum, etc.

(2) Open the steam valve, then open the bypass valve for about 5-10 minutes, wait for the water in the pipeline and heat exchanger to be drained, then fully open the steam valve and close the bypass valve.

(3) Turn on the main power switch, turn on the internal power switch, and close the door. Adjust the heating time and the cooling air time for 1 minute each, adjust the temperature to 45°C, turn on the dryer, and use these two minutes to observe the machine conditions, including forward and reverse rotation, whether the thermostat effectively controls the heating solenoid valve, self-stop, etc. And check the gate switch.

(4) The loading capacity of linen drying is 35% of the design capacity of the dryer, and it cannot be overloaded.

(5) Any flammable or odorous substances shall not be put into the dryer, and no flammable, explosive substances, oxidants, acids, alkalis and other substances shall be placed near the dryer.

(6) During the working period of the dryer, attention should be paid to its working conditions. If there is an accident, the power supply should be cut off immediately.

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