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The Working Principle and Precautions of the Clothes Dryer

1. The working principle of the clothes dryer

Warm air dryers use high-temperature air to flow over the surface of the clothes to be dried, heat the clothes, and evaporate the moisture away, making the clothes dry quickly. The commonly used heating methods include electric heating wire heating and semiconductor (PTC) heating. The heater made of semiconductor will automatically reduce the power in the environment (in or around the dryer), saving energy and controlling the maximum temperature to protect clothing, and make it safe and reliable. It is not limited by weather conditions, and other dryers with novel designs are easy to disassemble and install, which is convenient and space-saving. Most of the well-designed dryers can be used for heating, and one machine can be used for multiple purposes, which can bring a lot of convenience to the family. It is an effective device to reduce large-scale drying fields and provide drying at any time.

2. Precautions for using the clothes dryer

(1) After confirming the total power consumption of the washer and dryer, use a dedicated socket, preferably not a multi-socket socket. When the power is cut off, please carefully hold the plug and pull it out, do not pull the power cord hard, so as not to damage the connection between the plug and the wire.

(2) In order to avoid fire, it is absolutely forbidden to dry clothes with chemical solvents such as dry cleaning liquid, volatile oil, thinner and so on.

(3) After the clothes are fully dehydrated, put them in the clothes dryer, which can save drying time and electricity. It is not allowed to inject water into the dryer, let alone spray water upwards, otherwise it is easy to cause an electric shock accident and cause damage to the clothes dryer.

(4) In order to prevent plastic aging and deformation, do not place fire sources close to the dryer, and do not place heat sources such as candles and mosquito coils on the dryer.

(5) Before drying clothes, the sundries in the pockets must be removed, and the firewood, cards, coins, etc. should be mixed into the machine to scratch the drum or even cause a fire.

(6) There are rotating blades in the suction port at the rear of the dryer, so you cannot put your hands or items into the suction port. to avoid danger.

(7) When using the dryer, be sure to install a filter and remove the lint on the filter in time. Missing or missing filters will trap dust inside the clothes dryer machine, which is difficult to remove and can cause the dryer to malfunction.

(8) Sweaters, woolen fabrics, towels and other clothing that are prone to fluff and shrink are not suitable for putting in the dryer.

3. Maintenance of the clothes dryer

(1) After use, be sure to unplug the power plug from the socket.

(2) Use a dry soft cloth to wipe the surface of the household clothes dryer machine. Dirt that is difficult to wipe off can be wiped off with a cloth soaked in some neutral detergent. But never use hard brushes, abrasive powders, thinners, volatile oils, etc. for wiping.

(3) After each use, the fluff filter should be removed, and the fluff on the filter screen should be removed with a soft brush, taking care not to break the filter screen. When it is difficult to remove, it can also be gently rinsed with water. After cleaning, don't forget to attach the lint filter cover.

(4) If there is no special requirement, please do not inject oil on the hinge of the door and the bearing of the roller, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

(5) Remove the dust from the air inlet, air outlet and ventilation hole of the dryer body in time, and be careful not to block it.

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