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The top loading washer is one kind of washing machine. The pulsator is driven by the motor to rotate, and the clothes continuously roll up and down with the water. There are several kinds of washing clothes in single bucket, set bucket and double bucket. Its structure is relatively simple, maintenance is convenient, and the washing rate is high, but it has a large abrasion rate for clothes and uses more water. 

Nowadays, with the washing machine washer development of science and technology, a new computer-controlled washing machine with a large wave wheel, a concave wave wheel, etc. has appeared. The advantage is that the entanglement of clothes is small, and the rate of uniform washing clothes is low; the washing tank has four categories: all-plastic, enamel, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. The working principle of the pulsator washing machine: Relying on the positive and negative rotation of the pulsator installed at the bottom of the washing tub, it drives the clothes to turn up and down and left and right. Decontamination and cleaning can be achieved under the action of the agent.

Top Loading Washing Machine Types

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