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Top-load Washing Machine Installation

1. Top-load Washing Machine Unpacking

This guide will help you get started. Please refer to the instruction manual for full details.

What's in the box?

  • Owner's manual

  • Water supply hoses x2

  • Water intake cap

  • Quick connection adaptor

  • Bottom cover

  • Screws

2.Top-load Washing Machine Installation

Important: Before installing, please make sure there are rubber gaskets inside the fittings at both ends of the water supply hoses. Missing rubber gaskets can cause water leakage.

  • Install the Bottom Cover

Slide the bottom cover into the slots on bottom surface of the unit as shown in the following figure. Fix it with two screws attached with the unit.

Install the Bottom Cover

  • Connect the water hose

Connect the ends of the water supply hoses to the HOT and COLD faucets. Use the Quick Connection Adaptor for connection to the COLD water faucet.

Connect the ends of the water supply hoses to the water supply inlet connections at the back of the washer.

Turn on the HOT and COLD water supplies and check all the water supply intake connections and the faucets for water leaks.

  • Connect the drain hose

The drain hose can be positioned in three different ways:

Connect the drain hose

Over the edge of a wash basin

Over the edge of a wash basin

In a standpipe

In a standpipe

In a laundry tub

  • Leveling your washer

See if the washer is level by checking the position of the tub or using a leveling gauge.

Slide the washer into position.

Open the lid of the washer, and pour water into the tub to just below the pulsator level.

If the washer is level, the pulsator is positioned at the center of the washer as shown in the figure above right. If not, level your washer by turning the front leveling feet clockwise or counterclockwise as necessary

Leveling your washer

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