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How Much Do You Know About Tumble Washer Purchase Skills?

The tumble washer is a popular style now. Compared with the traditional washing machine, its cleaning will be more convenient, and its appearance is also very fashionable and beautiful. Next, Little Swan will introduce the buying tips for tumble washer to you.

1. The rotation speed of the tumble washer machine

The speed of dehydration of the tumble washer machine is the determining factor of the grade of the tumble washer machine. It can be dried by speed regulation according to the different fabrics of the clothes. Most of the speed above 1000 have the function of fast washing, and the shortest time can be controlled at about 25 minutes, which can avoid the long-term cleaning of the tumble washer machine.

2. The function of the tumble washer machine

The current tumble washer has many functions, but we have to decide according to the different needs of the family. The intelligent functions of the tumble washer are such as automatic foam detection, and clothes with good fabrics need to use low-foaming washing powder. The comparison of the tumble washer brands has the detection function; there are also automatic detection of drying, automatic detection of dehydration balance and so on.

3. The capacity of the tumble washer machine

Our common tumble washer machines have a capacity of 4.5 kg, 5.2 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg and so on. The most common washing capacity of the tumble washer is 5.2 kg. It is suitable for a general family-style capacity of 3-4 people. It can wash about 5.2 kg of clothes. The floor-to-ceiling curtains can be cleaned with a capacity of 7kg-8kg.

4. The door opening angle and door opening of the tumble washer machine

The opening angle of the tumble washer and the size of the door opening are also very important factors. Of course, the larger it is, the more convenient it is for us to take and place clothes in our daily life. Normally, the larger the door opening, the larger the opening angle of the door.

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