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The Importance of Washing and Drying Machine

Washing and drying clothes in winter is a very worrying thing. Even if the clothes are heavy and difficult to wash, they will not dry for a week. Clothes drying on the balcony for a long time will cause problems such as mold and odor. Want to solve these problems and wear comfortable and dry clothes at all times? You need to buy a good all-in-one washer and dryer.

1. Hot air sterilization function of household washing machines and dryers

When choosing a washing machine, the most important thing is the cleaning ability of the washing machine. The laundry mode refreshes our understanding of washing through dual-dimensional cleaning. It gently heats the clothes to break up stubborn stains, and then continuously penetrates the clothes with a powerful spray to carry the stains away. Even the clothes of children at home can be made clean as new. Moreover, it also has the function of hot air sterilization, which can achieve a sterilization rate of 99.99% without sterilization liquid, without chemical residues, and protect the health of family clothes.

In order to meet the daily washing of the whole family, the household washing machine and dryer are equipped with an oversized inner barrel, and the curtains and quilts at home can be easily put in. And it is also equipped with a mites removal wash, which can deeply remove 100% of mites and open a healthy home life. In addition, it also sets exclusive programs for special fabrics such as down jackets and wool fabrics, bringing meticulous care.

2. Intelligent control speed drying technology for household washing machines and dryers

In addition to washing clothes, it is also equipped with intelligent control speed drying technology, which can dry clothes evenly and thoroughly. In the wet and cold winter, there is no need to worry about the odor of clothes that will not dry for a long time. Due to the ultra-large anti-wrinkle inner cylinder, the dried clothes are flat and wrinkle-free, and the texture is full after wearing, and the personal temperament is fully displayed. Thoughtful little details can always inadvertently enhance people's sense of happiness. Home washing machines and dryers are programmed to have clean clothes in the time you take a shower. The child's school uniform is waiting to be worn the next day, and it will be ready in no time. Because it is equipped with a fine automatic adding function, it will also automatically identify the weight, fabric and degree of soiling of the clothes during the washing process. Adding detergent at one time can meet the needs of multiple washings, and there is no need to worry about adding too much rinsing. Less cleaning problems.

The outstanding performance of the washer-dryer machine brings us an easy and efficient laundry mode. A variety of intelligent washing modes can not only deeply clean the clothes, but also bring meticulous care!

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