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Energy Saving Tips When Using Your Washing Machine

The colder the weather, the more laundry needs to be done at home. Below we will summarize a few tips for you to save energy on your washing machine.

1. Soak first and then wash with washing machine

Before washing, soak the clothes in liquid soap or washing powder solution for 10-14 minutes, let the detergent work with the dirt and dirt on the clothes, and then wash. In this way, not only can the clothes be washed cleaner, but also the running time of the washing machine can be shortened by about half, and the power consumption is also reduced by half accordingly.

2. Color-separated washing when using the washing machine, first light and then dark

Washing clothes of different colors separately is not only clean but also fast, which can shorten the time by 1/3 compared to mixing them together. For some clothes that are not very dirty, using less detergent can also reduce the number of rinses.

3. When using the washing machine, first thin and then thick

Generally, thin and soft chemical fiber and silk fabrics can be washed in four to five minutes, while thicker cotton and wool fabrics can be washed in about ten minutes. Washing thick and thin separately than mixing together can effectively shorten the running time of white washing machines.

4. Concentrated washing when using the washing machine

Concentrated washing is a very cost-effective laundry method. That is, several batches of clothes are washed continuously with a bucket of detergent, and the amount of washing powder can be increased appropriately, and then rinsed one by one after all the washing. In this way, electricity and water can be saved, washing powder and washing time can be saved.

5. Rated capacity when using washing machine

If the amount of washing is too small, the electric energy will be consumed in vain; on the contrary, if you wash too much at one time, it will not only increase the washing time, but also cause the motor to run overloaded, which not only increases the power consumption, but also easily damages the motor.

6. When using the washing machine, the water consumption should be moderate, not too much or too little

Too much water in the washing machine will increase the water pressure of the wave plate, increase the load on the motor, and increase power consumption; too little water will affect the up and down turning of the clothes during washing, increase the washing time and increase power consumption.

7. Correctly grasp the washing time of the washing machine to avoid invalid actions

The cleanliness of the clothes is mainly related to the degree of dirt on the clothes, the type and concentration of the detergent, and is not directly proportional to the washing time. If the specified washing time is exceeded, the degree of cleanliness will not be greatly improved, and the electric energy will be wasted in vain.

8. The procedure is reasonable when using the washing machine

After washing the clothes for the first time, it is best to dry the clothes and squeeze out the dirty water, so that the white washing machine can shorten the time for rinsing and save water and electricity.

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