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Midea MA200 Health Guard Washing Machine

Midea MA200 Health Guard Washing Machine
Washing Machine Top Load 8kg
Washing Machine Top Load 7kg
One Touch Washing Machine
Midea One Touch Smart Wash
Washing Machine Top Load 8kg Washing Machine Top Load 7kg One Touch Washing Machine Midea One Touch Smart Wash

Midea MA200 equips with One Touch Wash&Health Guard, delivering easy washing operation, better washing effect and good protection of your health. 

Carrying health guard systems, MA200's Auto Clean, Hygiene+ and Deep Clean can achieve an all-round and multi-angle disinfection. MA200 matches perfectly with those who care a lot about their health.

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Technical Details Of Midea MA200 Health Guard Washing Machine

Washing Capacity7/8/9/10/12kgColorWhite
Dimensions7kg: 515*525*910
12kg: 601*630*1000
Drum TypeWater Cube Drum
Tub Volume7kg: 49.3L
12kg: 86.3L
Washing Noise62dB
DisplayLEDSpinning Noise72dB
Program8 programs
Normal/Jeans/Gentle/Heavy/Baby Care/Quick/Intensive/Spin

Unique Selling Points Of Midea MA200 Health Guard Washing Machine

Auto Clean

Reliable Guard for Healthy Washing Enviornment

Powerful water flow flushes between the inner and outer drums, removing dirt and residues away. Auto Clean cycle is automatically activated during drain process, ensuring a clean and safe washing condition. Compared to conventional drum clean function, user have to select drum function manually, sometimes user forget operation which might harm consumer's health. With auto clean, drum self clean process is automatically activated in rinsing process.


Advanced Cleaning and Sanitization

Based on original programs, Hygiene provides: Prolonged washing time; Strengthened washing beats and water flow; One more rinsing cycle.

For children and seniors who are more sensitive to bacterium and germs, Hygiene provides special care to protect their health.

Inverter Quattro

Energy Saving and Silent Operating

Stable: The motor directly drives the inner drum, providing stronger power and keeping stable operating. 

Efficiency: Precisely control the washing rhythm to improve washing efficiency and effect.

Quiet: Prolonged service life and significant lower noises.

Saving: Space saving compared with other of the same capacity.

Easy-To-Clean Metal Lint Filter

Cleaning Defense

The metal filter which is easy to install and remove. Users can easily clean up lint fulff, hair and detergent residues as well during washing cycle. Tiny filter makes a big difference.


20% Time Saving

By strengthening the water flows and washing tempo, Turbo Wash helps to save 20% time while keeping the same washing performance.

Deep Clean

Trinity Cleaning System

The unique designed Water Cub Tub, Easy-to-clean Metal Lint Filter and Pulsator work together to magnify the washing effctiveness to reach better washing result.

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