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What Are the Purchase Details of the Dryer?

1. The purchase details of the clothes dryer

(1) Appropriate power

A clothes dryer is a clean household appliance that uses electric heating to instantly evaporate and dry the moisture in the washed clothes, and it is also an electrical appliance that consumes a lot of electricity. The corresponding capacity should be selected according to the family population and the size of the laundry. If the capacity of the dryer is too large, electricity is wasted; if the capacity of the dryer is too small, it is time-consuming. Generally, the capacity of the dryer varies from 2 to 8 pounds, and the power is correspondingly from 500 watts to 1000 watts. Generally, it is more suitable for families to choose about 5 pounds, and the power will not be too high.

(2) Roller material

When purchasing a tumble dryer, you should pay attention to the material of the drum. The stainless steel drum is beautiful and durable, will not rust, and will not damage the clothes; although the drum of galvanized sheet or other materials is lower in price, it will rust over time and shorten the service life; due to the strong seasonal use of the dryer, Therefore, stainless steel drum is the best choice.

(3) Operation method

There are two types of dryers on the market: knob type electric timing control and computer automatic control. The troublesome thing about the knob-type electric timing control dryer is that if the drying time is too long, it will waste electricity and destroy the fabric fibers; if the setting time is too short, the clothes will not be dried; and the computer controls the dryer automatically. It is controlled by computer and automatically stops after drying, which is very convenient, but the price is slightly more expensive than the former.

(4) Observe the appearance

No matter which type of dryer you choose, special attention should be paid to its sealing properties. Whether the door switch is durable and the quality of the sealing rubber ring has a greater relationship with the sealing performance of the door, and good sealing performance is conducive to shortening the drying time; when purchasing, pay attention to whether the door is closed tightly, whether the sealing rubber ring is flat, and whether Too soft or too hard, whether there are crack marks or stickiness, how well the heat resistance is. In addition, the surface finish of the body, the sensitivity of each function key, and whether the connection of each part is firm are all considered.

2. The clothes dryer can solve the problem of drying clothes very well

Clothes dryers may be unfamiliar to many friends. In fact, clothes dryers have long been standard in European and American households. They are used together with washing machines. Outdoor drying of clothes is actually prohibited by law in some countries and regions. Choose to use the dryer to organize and organize. The clothes dryer can easily solve all kinds of drying problems. In a sealed space, the clothes are constantly tumbling with the rotation of the drum. Using the principle of heat exchange, the hot air is blown to the wet clothes, taking away the moisture, and drying the clothes in a short time. Compared with traditional natural drying, drying clothes is a healthier, faster and more efficient way to dry clothes.

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