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How to Install a Household Dryer?

When the space for drying clothes is limited and the weather is humid, clothes can often become damp and smelly when not dried properly. In such situations, it is desirable to install a household clothes dryer so that one no longer has to worry about wet clothes. Given that when living together, a family inevitably runs out of space for drying clothes, let's take a look at the installation method for the household clothes dryer below!

Step one: Installation of the household clothes dryers

Step two: Installation of the household clothes dryer

Step Three: Installation of the household clothes dryers 

Of course, household clothes dryers can also be used to dry shoes, bedding, and more. The clothes dryer must be installed on a flat surface with good ventilation, away from heat sources and flammable materials. Ensure that a gap is left at the back for proper heat dissipation during installation.

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