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What Are the Benefits of Adding a Base Under the Washing Machine?

Items such as washing machines are really great. You can imagine how much trouble it will bring to our lives if there are no items such as washing machines in the home? Since there is a washing machine in the house, the quality of life has improved a lot. But there are still some problems that we need to consider, such as the drainage problem of the washing machine, which will make noise when using the washing machine. Some friends want to add a base to the washing machine, which can solve a lot of troubles in the washing machine. However, if the washing machine is placed on it for a long time, dust will accumulate. Should this be done?

The front-load washing machine originated in Europe, and the washing method is designed to simulate the principle of hitting the clothes with a mallet. The drum washing machine is composed of a stainless steel inner tub, a machine sequence controller, an outer shell that has undergone triple maintenance of phosphating, electrophoresis, and spraying, and a number of lightweight cement blocks to balance the huge centripetal force that occurs when the drum rotates for repeated movements, plus detergent and water. The combined effect of washing clothes clean. Since the materials are mainly steel, the lifespan is generally about 15 to 20 years.

1. Adding a base under the washing machine can prolong the life of the washing machine

The problem of water leakage and water accumulation is very troublesome. Why is the life of the washing machine relatively short? In fact, it is inseparable from such problems. When we install the front-loading washing machine, we should install the washing machine in place. If you put the washing machine casually, there may be a phenomenon of water leakage. Especially the water level sensing device, if the washing machine does not have a base, it may be submerged in water for a long time, which may reduce the life of the washing machine.

2. Adding a base under the washing machine can prevent noise

When we use the washing machine, there will be a lot of noise, especially the pulsator washing machine, which will have a particularly strong vibration. When the ground is uneven, the noise will become very loud. Be sure to add a base under the washing machine to reduce the noise.

Why does dust accumulate in the base of the washing machine? It's not because of not cleaning. Don't think that installing a base is foolproof. Any item in the home needs to be cleaned frequently. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the surrounding viruses will be buried in it, it will be cleaned more cleanly in this way, and there will be no dirty situation. With this base, the lifespan of the front-loading washing machine has increased, which is really a good solution for home life!

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