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Common Sense of Home Appliance Use: Which is the Best Choice, Impeller or Tumble Washer?

1. The respective advantages of impeller and tumble washer

The washing method of the tumble washer is designed to imitate the principle of hitting the clothes with a mallet, consist of a stainless steel inner bucket, a mechanical program controller, a triple-protected shell processed by phosphating, electrophoresis, spraying technologies, and two heavy cement blocks. Among these, the heavy cement blocks is used for balancimg the huge centrifugal force during the rotation of the drum making repeated movements as well as works together with the washing powder and water to wash the clothes clean. High-grade silk can be washed in it because of its uniform cleaning, low clothing damage rate, the uneasy entangled clothes characteristics. This type of washing machine can also heat the water to achieve the effect of machine washing in warm water.

The bottom of the impeller washing machine is equipped with a disc impeller with protruding ribs. Driven by the impeller, the water flowing into the bucket forms a vortex that sometimes rotates to the right and sometimes to the left, which drives the fabric to rotate and tumble, so that the dirt on the clothes can be removed. Therefore, its cleaning degree is 10% higher than that of the tumble washer. Naturally its wear rate is also 10% higher than that of the tumble washer.

2. The difference between the impeller and tumble washer

Both types of washing machines have their own advantages, and the choice is entirely determined by the user's needs. In terms of price, tumble washers are more expensive. If there are many wool and silk clothes, it is recommended to buy a tumble washer; if you mainly wash cotton clothes, it is recommended to choose an impeller washing machine. After the home appliance is delivered home, we first check the appearance-whether it is smooth and clean, whether there are scratches, whether the paint is bright and even, whether the plastic parts are deformed, and whether the inner surface of the laundry bucket is smooth. Secondly, check the parts: the gap between the impeller and the bucket body is required to be about 1mm to 1.5mm, and there is no abnormal sound when the impeller is turned by hands. Futhermo, power up and test it. Finally, check the manual to see if the machine accessories are fully configured.

Although exposed to water on a daily basis, small washing machines can suffer from moisture failure just like any other appliance. General household washing machines are placed in the bathroom, but experts suggest that they should be placed in a space where the water vapor is not heavy if conditions permitting and on a higher platform as well. The power supply and other components should be avoided from contacting with water. Stop immediately in case of failure, and ask professional maintenance personnel come home to repair.

In addition, the washing machine is also prone to musty smell. Experts say that every time after washing clothes, the water in the tumble washer should be drained out, and the washing machine cover should be opened for more than half an hour, so that the washing machine can escape "rheumatism" and avoid the breeding of bacteria.

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