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The Power Consumption and Correct Usage of the Household Clothes Dryers

Nowadays, more and more people are starting to use the household clothes dryer. With the continuous rainy weather in spring, the rainy season in summer, and the lack of sunlight in winter, The clothes dryer is almost needed throughout the year. Without a clothes dryer, clothes may not dry even if they are hung out to dry and may even become more damp. However, many people are worried that clothes dryer consumes a lot of electricity and they cannot afford it. Does a household clothes dryer really consume a lot of electricity? Or do you just not know how to use it?

Does a household clothes dryer really consume a lot of electricity?

Since the clothes dryer needs to constantly supply heat to dry clothes, its power consumption is relatively high. However, to save electricity, you can choose a clothes dryer with a higher wattage, which has a higher efficiency. Generally, the power of household clothes dryer is around 900W or 1000W, which is the power used to start heating up. The power required to maintain a constant temperature for the clothes dryer is around 600W to 650W, which is approximately two degrees of electricity for three hours. It is important to note that a high wattage does not necessarily mean high electricity consumption.

How to use a household clothes dryer to save electricity?

You should choose a clothes dryer with an appropriate capacity based on the number of people in your family and the size of the laundry load. An excessively large dryer wastes electricity, while a too-small one consumes time. The capacity of household clothes dryer generally ranges from 2kg to 8kg, with corresponding power consumption from 500W to 1000W. A clothes dryer with 5kg capacity is usually suitable for most families, with a power consumption that is not too high. Clothes should be fully dehydrated before putting them into the dryer, which can save drying time and electricity. Do not add water to the dryer or spray water on it, as it may cause electrical accidents and damage to the dryer. After calculating the total power consumption of the washing machine and dryer, use a dedicated socket and avoid using a multi-socket. When cutting off the power supply, hold the plug and pull it out gently, instead of pulling the power cord hard, to avoid damaging the connection between the plug and the power cord.

How to choose a good quality clothes dryer?

Brand reputation

the familiarity of potential buyers with a brand, which is related to the relationship between the product category and the brand.

Safety performance

 the safety index of the clothes dryer includes automatically shutting down the power supply, water-resistant, overheat-resistant, and liquid leakage-resistant.

Avoid secondary pollution

the clothes dryer should isolate the clothes from the outside environment to prevent dust, insects, bacteria, and other substances.

Appropriate wattage

the household clothes dryer is a clean electrical appliance that uses electric heating to instantly evaporate the water in the washed clothes. Therefore, it consumes a relatively large amount of electricity. Choose a clothes dryer with an appropriate capacity based on the number of people in your family and the size of the laundry load.

Drum material

if you choose a drum-type clothes dryer, you should pay attention to the drum material. Stainless steel drums are beautiful, durable, and rust-free, and do not damage clothes. Galvanized steel or other materials may be cheaper, but they are prone to rust after prolonged use.

Operation mode

the clothes dryer available in the market can be divided into knob-type electric timing control and automatic computer control. An automatic computer-controlled dryer is more convenient as it shuts down automatically after drying, but it is more expensive than the knob-type dryer.

A clothes dryer is a very useful appliance. For the issue of high energy consumption, it is not an insurmountable problem. When purchasing a clothes dryer, you must consider far-sightedly and not just focus on short-term "benefits". Choose an affordable one with low energy consumption, which is the most practical option.

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