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Steps to Use Front-loading Washing Machine

Ⅰ. Before washing

Before learning the steps of using the washing machine, we must first know how to deal with the clothes put in the washing machine. You can't put all the dirty clothes in the washing machine at once, you have to sort the clothes first. It can be classified by color. White clothes are put together, colored clothes are put together, and bed sheets are put together. Finally, read the washing label of the clothes, you need to know which washing method you use. If the clothes are stained with special stains, you need to separate them from other clothes, use other washing methods to remove the stains, and then put them in the washing machine for washing.

Ⅱ. Steps on how to use a front loaded automatic washing machine

1. Add detergent

The front-mounted washing machine has a separate detergent box, you can read the detergent package to understand the amount.

2. Put the clothes on

Open the door of the washing machine and throw the dirty clothes into the washing machine. Don't pack too much clothes into the whole washing machine. Make sure that there is enough space for the clothes to move when washing clothes. After stacking the clothes in the bucket, if your palm can fit between the clothes and the wall of the bucket, it means that the number of clothes is appropriate; if your palm can't fit in, you should take out some clothes and wash it next time.

3. Add fabric softener

Next to the detergent box, there will be a box for softening agent. Control the dosage according to the packaging instructions of the softener.

4. Select the temperature

Select the corresponding washing temperature according to the washing label on the clothes you read before. If there are multiple temperature recommendations in the laundry, select the lowest temperature.

5. Choose the correct rotation period

Also, please refer to the washing label on the clothes for information on the spin cycle. Generally speaking, more delicate fabrics require a slower washing cycle, while ordinary cotton clothes can be washed in a faster cycle.

6. Close the door and press the "Start" button

Please note that once the clothes are washed, they must be taken out as soon as possible to avoid mold.

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