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Choose a Healthier Washing Machine for Healthier Laundry

In addition to the health benefits of washing clothes, cleaning the washing machine itself is also an important health protection measure. This is because there is a drum outside the washing drum of the washing machine, and the washing water flows back and forth in the interlayer between these two drums. The interlayer is not easy to clean, and a large amount of dirt will accumulate over time. These dirt hides various pathogenic bacteria and mold, which multiply faster in a humid environment. When washing clothes, the mold spores will spread with the water flow, polluting the clothes and spreading to the human body, causing itching, allergies, and even dermatitis. Therefore, the cleaning technology for the washing machine itself is also very important for our health.

High temperature drum cleaning for washing machines

The drum cleaning function can professionally remove the detergent and dirt residue attached to the drum wall, door seal, and glass door. Usually, a high-temperature water flow drum cleaning program is used for flushing, thoroughly cleaning every corner and hole inside the drum to ensure the elimination of secondary pollution. Just press the button and the program heats the water to 60℃, achieving drum cleaning during high-speed dehydration. The drum cleaning program is a program specifically designed to clean the inner and outer barrels of the washing machine, so clothes cannot be placed in the drum during use.

Flat self-cleaning external drum for washing machines

Maintaining the cleanliness of the inner drum is relatively easy to achieve, but it is difficult for consumers to clean the interlayer between the inner and outer drums themselves. The installation of the washing machine inner drum requires the manufacturer's positioning and has a certain degree of professionalism. It is obviously unrealistic for consumers to remove the inner drum themselves. Therefore, some brands of washing machines have introduced self-cleaning external drum functions. The flat design is adopted at the bottom of the rear end of the external drum to effectively prevent dirt and bacteria from remaining in the drum. Reinforced fiber materials are used, and the strength is more than three times that of ordinary materials. The high strength makes it possible to make the bottom flat, ensuring the cleanliness of the inner drum more effectively.

Regular washing is the key to the health of washing machines

Among many health technologies, the most basic and environmentally friendly health technology is high-temperature disinfection, and the principle is that heating washing can activate the enzymes in the washing powder. Heating can make the fibers of clothes swell, and then the stains will come out of the fibers of clothes after beating. This achieves the purpose of removing deep-seated dirt from clothes. Washing machines that can heat up high can usually kill bacteria. Of course, other auxiliary health technologies can completely eliminate and inhibit bacteria. However, to ensure the health of washing clothes, the cleaning and disinfection function of the washing machine itself is very important, but what is more important is oneself.

For example, although many washing machines have the function of cleaning the inner drum, the water flow strength of some inner drum cleaning is similar to normal washing, so the cleaning effect will be slightly worse, and not every barrel cleaning can be heated to above 95℃. Therefore, it is also necessary to develop a good habit.

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