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What You Need to Know About the Integrated Washer Dryer

With the improvement of current users' spending power, consumers' purchase of washing machines is no longer satisfied with basic functions such as washing and drying. Environmental protection, comfort, health and energy saving, and even drying clothes have become the urgent needs of today's home care. Especially the all-in-one integrated washer dryer that does not need to dry clothes, integrates the functions of washing and drying clothes, and can be worn immediately after washing, without being restricted by the weather environment such as external rain, haze, etc. It is very suitable for small households with a small home area. Although the integrated washer dryer is practical and convenient, there are some small knowledge that you need to pay special attention to in daily use.

1. Washing capacity ≠ drying capacity in the integrated washer dryer

In the parameter description of the integrated washer dryer, it will clearly point out its washing capacity and drying capacity. These two parameter values must not be confused. Generally speaking, the washing capacity refers to the maximum dry laundry weight that the washing machine can wash; the drying capacity refers to the maximum dry laundry weight that the dryer can dry. However, the drying capacity is often smaller than the washing capacity due to the need to conduct heat through the gaps to evaporate the water vapor to dry the clothes. When using a drying type front-loading washing machine, it is recommended that in order to ensure that the clothes will not be wrinkled when drying, it is advisable to keep the clothes as few as possible, and do not try to fill the entire inner cylinder to save trouble.

2. Is drying cleaner than integrated washer dryer?

Many people subconsciously think that the wind and the sun can kill the bacteria in the clothes, and the clothes are clean and smell "sunshine". Although ultraviolet rays in sunlight can kill some germs, in fact, during the drying process, clothes are often contaminated with air pollutants, dust, etc., especially in heavily polluted weather such as smog, various impurities will be adsorbed on the drying on dry clothing. As a result, the more the clothes are dried, the more pollution sources they are exposed to.

3. Is the integrated washer dryer very expensive?

Due to the structural design of the integrated washer dryer, it is often necessary to dry the clothes for up to one or two hours after washing. Many consumers are afraid of this, worrying that drying for such a long time will consume electricity? But in fact, the power consumption of the integrated washer dryer is much smaller than everyone thinks. In order to ensure the drying effect and not damage the clothes, the dryer often does not use high-power heating.

4. Any material of the integrated washer dryer is suitable for drying?

Some special materials are not suitable for drying in the washer-dryer. For example: sponge latex, rubber or silk clothes, such as shoulder pads, etc. should not be dried in the washing machine; volatile substances are very flammable, and all clothes dyed with organic oil or treated with degreaser should not be dried in the machine; sleeping bags, down, pillows and large blankets will expand after dehydration, hindering the air flow in the machine, and the drying function should not be used.

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