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Midea C07 Series Steam Care Washing Machine

Steam Clean Washing Machine
Steam Washer
Steam Care Washing Machine
Steam Clean Washing Machine Steam Washer Steam Care Washing Machine

Midea C07(Crown 07) series washing machine is designed to carry Steam Care & brushless DC electric motor after its upgrade. Before main wash process, steam with heat is produced to remove smells, wirnkles to achieve a better washing result. 

During allergy care, the circumstance inside is set in 60℃ and 800rpm, with special washing rynthm set to erase the mite and protect family's health. BLDC motor works with less noise,energy consuming and longer lifetime. Additionally, 16 washing programs including wool/cotton/quick/intensive wash are set to fulfill your requirements.

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Technical Details Of Midea C07 Series Steam Care Washing Machine

Model SeriesCrown 07Crown 07Crown 07Crown 07
Model NameMFC70-S1407B/C19E-EU(NB)MFC80-S1407B/C19E-EU(NB)MFC90-S1407B/C19E-EU(NB)MFC120-U1407B/C19E-EU(NB)
Factory Code
Rated  Power SupplyV220-240 V220-240 V220-240 V220-240 V
Rated  FrequencyHz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Rated Washing Capacitykg7 Kg8 Kg9 Kg12 Kg
Rated Spinning Capacitykg7 Kg8 Kg9 Kg12 Kg
Rated PowerW2000 W2000 W2000 W2000 W
Rated CurrentA10 A10 A10 A10 A
Max. Spin SpeedRPM1400 RPM1400 RPM1400 RPM1400 RPM
Standard Water PressureMpa0.05~1 Mpa0.05~1 Mpa0.05~1 Mpa0.05~1 Mpa
Display Type
Display Color
Door Lock
Electromagnetic LockElectromagnetic LockElectromagnetic LockElectromagnetic Lock
BLDC MotorBLDC MotorBLDC MotorBLDC Motor
Plug type
Euro PlugEuro PlugEuro PlugEuro Plug
Power cord lengthmm1.5 M1.5 M1.5 M1.5 M
Water Inlet Hose Lengthmm1.0 M1.0 M1.0 M1.0 M
Water Outlet Hose Lengthmm1.6 M1.6 M1.6 M1.6 M
Energy Rating
Energy Efficiency Class(Old)A+++A+++A+++A+++
Energy Efficiency Class(New)BBBB
Spin-drying Effiency ClassBBBB
Moisture Ratio53%53%53%53%
Washing efficiency index1.
Energy efficiency index59.96059.960
Power consumption left-on modeWN/AN/AN/AN/A
Power consumption off-modeW0.
Weighted energy consumption per 100 cycles (100*Ew)kW·h/100 cycles52555763
Energy consumption in kWh per cyclekW·h/cycle0.5160.5450.5700.628
Energy consumption at rated capacitykW·h/cycle0.7750.8570.9351.345
Energy consumption at half rated capacitykW·h/cycle0.4700.5040.6300.858
Energy consumption at quarter rated capacitykW·h/cycle0.2000.2400.2200.242
Weighted water consumption (Ww)L/cycle45484957
Water consumption at rated capacityL/cycle54596287
Water consumption at half rated capacityL/cycle44464862
Water consumption at quarter rated capacityL/cycle35373942
Program duration at rated capacitymin208218228240
Program duration at half rated capacitymin162168174180
Program duration at quarter rated capacitymin162168174180
Spinning noise leveldB76767680
Spinning noise classBBBC
Programmes and Performance
Number Of Program16161616
Knob selectionCottonyesyesyesyes
ECO 40-60yesyesyesyes
Spin onlyyesyesyesyes
Steam Careyesyesyesyes
Quick 15'yesyesyesyes
Rapid 45'yesyesyesyes
Allergy Careyesyesyesyes
My cycleyesyesyesyes
Button FunctionDelayyes (24 hours)yes (24 hours)yes (24 hours)yes (24 hours)
Child Lockyesyesyesyes
Memory (Press 3 seconds)yesyesyesyes
Reload (Press 3 seconds)yesyesyesyes
Extra Washyesyesyesyes
Speed Washyesyesyesyes
Extra Rinseyesyesyesyes
Easy ironyesyesyesyes
Spin Speed Selection0-400-800-1200-14000-400-800-1200-14000-400-800-1200-14000-400-800-1200-1400
Temperature SelectionCold-20℃-30℃-40℃-60℃-90℃Cold-20℃-30℃-40℃-60℃-90℃Cold-20℃-30℃-40℃-60℃-90℃Cold-20℃-30℃-40℃-60℃-90℃
Volume Of Inner TubL45.5 L53.6 L56.2 L76.0 L
Diameter Of Inner Tubmm472 mm472 mm472 mm510 mm
Door Diametermm310 mm310 mm310 mm330 mm
Door Outer Frame Diameter (outer)mm480 mm480 mm480 mm480 mm
Net Dimensions  (W×D×H)mm595 × 495 × 850595 × 565 × 850595 × 565 × 850595 × 595 × 850
Gross Dimensions  (W×D×H)mm650 × 575 × 885680 × 660 × 875680 × 660 × 875680 × 725 × 875
Net  Weightkg61 Kg68 Kg71 Kg73 Kg
Gross Weightkg65 Kg72 Kg76 Kg78 Kg
Loading Q'ty20 ft70484848
40 ft Normal144102102102
40 ft High216159153153

Unique Selling Points Of Midea C07 Series Steam Care Washing Machine

Steam Care for Laundry

Thanks to Steam care, your laundry get the additional steam treatment to signigicantly reduce odors and wrinkles. Furthermore, Steam permeates through fabrics and lasting for 30min, to kill 99.99% baterial thoroughly.

Allergy Care

Some really sensitive people are disturbed by common allergies range from skin rash to dry skin. Here Allergy Care function can effectively kill mite and other allergy-causing substances at a temperature of 60℃ with over two hours running. Our lives become much more easier with Allergy care and advanced technology.

Add Garment Even Washing Start

We all tend to forget things, especially when it comes to laundry. Washing programs has started, and suddenly, you found out that a pair of socks are forgotten . Don't worry. By Pressing "Start/Pause" button for 3 seconds, you can have your laundry added again easily. For your safety, please use it when temp is lower than 60℃ and water level is less than door seal.

Caring Wool Clothes Easily

Wool is naturally stain resistant, requiring less washing. While you may feel a headache when washing wool garments. Luckily, this wool program run with low speed and temp, which helps to reduce fabric wear and shrink. You will get the clean wool clothes same as washed by your Mom.

Energy Saving & Quieter & Durable Running

The BLDC inverter motor makes the machine incredibly energy-efficent, comparing to universal motor, this machine helps you to save 70% energy. The use of brushless invertor motor is also able to provide you with a much quiter washing experience, and longer service time.

Daily Quick Wash

Sometimes it's not enough to clean the dirts with 15min quick wash, especially when the load gets bigger. Therefore we have one more quick wash option,  45mins for you to choose from. Even quick wash always meet your daily needs.

Aqua Stop

No water Leakage any more. We know the pain of flooding, therefore we introduced Aqua Stop to this machine. Aqua stop hose is double-layer, doubling the prevention of leaking. If the inner side is damanaged, water would flow to the outer side instead of leaking. Meanwhile, the water inlet will be locked in the facuet mechanically. Aqua stop protects your floor from flooding effectively and is loved by millions of customers.

Pre-wash One More Wash to Remove Heavy Dirts

We all know stains are easily cleaned after soaking. With pre-wash, laundry will be soaked and one more extra wash will be added before starting main wash, which is an incrediable program to dirty clothing. Note: Remember to fill in detergent into "dispenser I" when selecting pre-wash

Delay Start

Get Fresh Laundry Whenever You Want! Simply fill in clothes, select programs, and set starting time you want, the machine will run on time. When you are back home from work, all clothes are freshly washed and dried.

Child Lock

We Care About You, and Your Family. Child Lock allows you to freeze the control panel to make sure everything goes right. Simply press and hold "Function" and "Select" button together for 3 seconds and the control panel will no longer respond (except "OFF") unless press and hold again.

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