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Comfee E08 Super Slim Washing Machine

Automatic Washing Machine 7kg
Automatic Washing Machine 8kg
Fully Automatic Washing Machine 8kg Price
8kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine
Washing Machine Fully Automatic 8kg
Washing Machine Fully Automatic 7kg
7 Kg Washing Machine Fully Automatic
7kg Washing Machine Price
Automatic Washing Machine 7kg Automatic Washing Machine 8kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine 8kg Price 8kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine 6 Kg Fully Automatic Washing Machine Washing Machine Fully Automatic 8kg Washing Machine Fully Automatic 7kg 7 Kg Washing Machine Fully Automatic 7kg Washing Machine Price

This super practical Comfee washing machine is equipped with 23 washing programs, it completely meet your different daily washing needs with various temp.

  • Drum clean is to refresh drum with 90℃ hot water regularly.

  • Delay Start helps to complete whenever you want your laundry to be done.

  • This machine with small size and easy use is an incrediable choice for bachelor and small families.

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Technical Details Of Comfee E08 Super Slim Washing Machine

Model SeriesE08E08E08
Model NameMFE60-U1008/C31E-EU(NE)MFE70-S1408/C31E-EU(NE)MFE80-S1408/C31-EU(NE)
Factory Code220381100046762203811000455422038110004837
Rated  Power SupplyV220-240 V220-240 V220-240 V
Rated  FrequencyHz50 Hz50 Hz50 Hz
Rated Washing Capacitykg6 Kg7 Kg8 Kg
Rated Spinning Capacitykg6 Kg7 Kg8 Kg
Rated PowerW2000 W2050 W2000 W
Rated CurrentA10 A10 A10 A
Max. Spin SpeedRPM1000 RPM1400 RPM1400 RPM
Standard Water PressureMpa0.05~1 Mpa0.05~1 Mpa0.05~1 Mpa
Display Type
Display Color
Door Lock
PTC LockPTC LockPTC Lock
Universal MotorUniversal MotorUniversal Motor
Plug type
Euro PlugEuro PlugEuro Plug
Power cord lengthmm1.5 M1.5 M1.5 M
Water Inlet Hose Lengthmm1.0 M1.0 M1.0 M
Water Outlet Hose Lengthmm1.6 M1.6 M1.6 M
Energy Rating
Energy Efficiency Class(Old)A+A+++A+++
Energy Efficiency Class(New)EEE
Spin-drying Effiency ClassCBB
Moisture Ratio62%53%53%
Washing efficiency index1.041.041.04
Energy efficiency index919191
Power consumption left-on modeW1.01.01.0
Power consumption off-modeW0.50.50.5
Weighted energy consumption per 100 cycles (100*Ew)kW·h/100 cycles747883
Energy consumption in kWh per cyclekW·h/cycle0.7370.7840.827
Energy consumption at rated capacitykW·h/cycle1.0001.0741.210
Energy consumption at half rated capacitykW·h/cycle0.6500.7000.780
Energy consumption at quarter rated capacitykW·h/cycle0.3600.4600.450
Weighted water consumption (Ww)L/cycle434548
Water consumption at rated capacityL/cycle5055.560.0
Water consumption at half rated capacityL/cycle3942.048.0
Water consumption at quarter rated capacityL/cycle3634.636.0
Program duration at rated capacitymin198208218
Program duration at half rated capacitymin156162168
Program duration at quarter rated capacitymin156162168
Spinning noise leveldB808080
Spinning noise classCCC
Programmes and Performance
Number Of Program232323
Knob selectionCotton Intensive 40℃yesyesyes
Cotton Intensive 60℃yesyesyes
ECO 40-60yesyesyes
Cotton 30℃yesyesyes
Cotton 40℃yesyesyes
Cotton 60℃yesyesyes
Cotton 90℃yesyesyes
Synthetic 40°Cyesyesyes
Cold Washyesyesyes
Quick wash 15'yesyesyes
Quick wash 30'yesyesyes
Quick wash 45'yesyesyes
Mix 40℃yesyesyes
Mix 60℃yesyesyes
Delicate 30°Cyesyesyes
Rinse & Spinyesyesyes
Drain Onlyyesyesyes
Spin Onlyyesyesyes
Drum Cleanyesyesyes
Button FunctionDelayyesyesyes
Spin speedyesyesyes
Extra Rinseyesyesyes
Mute-washing (Press 3 seconds)yesyesyes
Child Lock (Combined)yesyesyes
Spin Speed Selection0-400-600-800-10000-600-800-1000-1200-14000-600-800-1000-1200-1400
Volume Of Inner TubL39.5 L45.5 L53.6 L
Diameter Of Inner Tubmm510 mm472 mm472 mm
Door Diametermm288 mm288 mm288 mm
Door Outer Frame Diameter (outer)mm480 mm480 mm480 mm
Net Dimensions  (W×D×H)mm595 × 400 × 850595 × 495 × 850595 × 565 × 850
Gross Dimensions  (W×D×H)mm655 × 500 × 885650 × 575 × 885680 × 660 × 875
Net  Weightkg52 Kg60 Kg68 Kg
Gross Weightkg54 Kg63 Kg72 Kg
Loading Q'ty20 ft807048
40 ft Normal164144102
40 ft High251216159

Unique Selling Points Of Comfee E08 Super Slim Washing Machine

Super Slim Design (400mm)

Bigger is not always better, especially for your limited space. Compared with traditional front loading washer, this ultra slim machine is only 400mm in depth. Although body size is compact, capacity is totally same, surely with same washing experience. Less size of washing machine, more space to have fun!

Drum Clean

Clean the drum, refresh your machine. One touch self clean program allows the machine to thoroughly clean itself. With 90℃ hot water and high speed whirling flow,it automatically removes stains and dirts on the outer & inner drum effectively, Promise you healthy and clean clothes as always. We recommend to run self-clean once every month at least.

Multiple Quick Wash

15min-30min-45min: 15mins quick wash is sometimes not enough to clean the dirts, especially when the load gets bigger. Therefore we have two more quick wash options, 30mins & 45mins for you to choose from. We know washing machine, and know you more.

More programs, More Choice

Various washing programs keep your clothing as brand-new. The machine is equipped with 23 programs, Cotton, Sythenic, Delicate etc, and with a wide range of temp choice from 20℃ to 90℃. Multiple programs help to protect clothing from fading and excessive wear.

Delay Start

Completing washing whenever you want. Bothered by the unpleasant smell from your laundry? That's because you didn't pick up your clothes out from the washer in time! With the Delay Start function, this machine helps you to determine when you want your laundry to be started.  Choices from 0-24hours, simply setup the Delay Start, and your laundry will be just ready when you arrive home.

Cold Wash

For some delicate and colorful clothes, we suggest to wash by cold water. The benefit is to protect fabric from getting damaged, also reduce change of color fading and anti-crease.

Child Lock

We care about you, and your family. That's why the Child Lock feature allows you to freeze the control panel to make sure everything goes right. Simply press and hold "Extra Rinse" and "Spin speed" button together for 3 seconds and the control panel will no longer respond (except "OFF") unless press and hold again.

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